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17 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. Lunch-
    Cedars Social- two words- Go Now.Off the chart chef food.

    Dallas Chop house- now solidly in my rotation- excellent filet salad

    Al B.’s- delivered as always, still working on Al learning my name.

  2. Dinner last night at Alma. Great atmosphere and beautiful crowd. Perfect service. Sangria was delicious. Guacamole missed the mark a bit (unripe chunks of avocados). Chicken mole was tasty, but fell short too. Appetizer quesadilla was a standout (though very greasy). Some of the presentation seemed a bit fussy for the type of food being served (see the street corn in bow tied corn husks). Will give it a month or two and eagerly try again.

  3. Dinner at Cedars Social. Happy to see a truly quality cocktail in Dallas. We tried many of them, oftentimes letting our waiter pick for us (he had an excellent knowledge of the drink list, flavor notes, and components of each drink and did a good job selecting for us). I’ll go back for drinks and lunch, but probably not for dinner. Burger, pulled short rib tacos, and shrimp scampi were excellent. Grilled oysters were so salty they were nearly inedible, and lamp chop lollipops were too fatty. I’ve seen complaints on Yelp about the service. Ours was great– our waiter was actually FUN in addition to being attentive and knowledgeable. How often do you get that?

    Lunch at Cane Rosso. I still get blown away by the margherita pizza every time I have it. I just can’t get over those San Marzano tomatoes. As much as I love some of the other pizzas (give me Jimmy’s sausage on a pizza anytime), it’s hard to pass up the margherita because those ingredients highlight exactly how fabulous food can be when a few simple ingredients really come together. Also nommed on the burrata, per usual. Will probably hit the patio up this weekend for some beers and tasty pizza.

    Also, word on the street is that Fuse (in the DP&L building downtown) is open again? Anyone have any intel on that?

  4. I had dinner at Alma last Sunday…a nice ensalada de pera to start, followed by a seared mahi-mahi with a Veracruz sauce that was a little salty for my taste and the plátanos con crema as a side that I really ate for dessert…all was good enough and the service at the bar was competent and friendly…most memorable part of the evening, however, was a request from my neighbor that the bartender pour his champagne from a flute to an old-fashioned glass, because he thought the flute make him “look gay” – hmmm…as a gay man, I suddenly found myself a little less hungry…maybe I’m just not the “beautiful crowd” type…

  5. Dallas is still behind the times in some areas….being gay friendly and accepting is one of them. Hopefully one day the city will grow up. I’m a straight woman and I notice it as well.

  6. Not gay friendly? What does that have to do with the topic at hand? And specifically where are you noticing this? I think Dallas is very gay friendly.

  7. My personal observation has been that it is not as gay friendly as it pretends to be. But to address your point – not really sure what that has to do with the food. Yes, off point. Just unfortunate that a certain vessel to carry a drink in was identified as “gay”.

  8. @downtownist – The old Fuse is now Fuse Japan. Went there for lunch about 2 weeks ago and it was pricey and slow. I’d give it a little more time to work the kinks out. Similar menu to the old Fuse, but I miss the miso soup with a sliced jalapeno and the chocolate fried things for dessert.

  9. Main Street Bistro in Plano – one of the best roast chickens I’ve had in a long while. Seasoned, flavorful, not a hint dry. Surprisingly good.

    And …. nothing else. So sad. After reading Sarah’s review of Whiskey Cake this week, I’m definitely planning to get out there soon. Hopefully this weekend.

  10. Finally tried Smoke for the first time. Had the Pork and Beans platter. Pulled pork was flavorful, if a tad dry. A little extra BBQ sauce helped with that, though. The sausage was pretty good, not great (Salt Lick and Kreuz’s are the gold standard). However, the ribs were amazing and the best incarnation of ribs that I’ve had in Dallas. The rub was interesting and had a great combination of salty/sweet/smoky flavors. All told, I’ll go back. But I’ll get a sandwich and not that platter and the resulting food coma at work.

    TIllman’s for lunch today. Turkey Melt sandwich and split an appetizer of the fries. Delicious as always.

  11. Had a good chicken cordon bleu at Parigi for lunch. My only complaint is there wasn’t enough!

    Dinner at Zanata Plano was wonderful. We loved the spicy clams and the gnocchi was outstanding. The next day we enjoyed some of the pizza we took home and it had aged nicely. :)

  12. Had another great lunch at Lockhart Smokehouse in the Bishop Arts district this week. It has become my favorite BBQ spot in Dallas and is a great place to take family and friends from out of town. The brisket was fantastic and I love their sides and specials. If you haven’t been there…go now.

  13. Great dinner at Malai Kitchen! The patio is brilliant and the cocktails even more brilliant. Taking my parents there again this weekend!

  14. A lot of lunches this week:

    Bacon & blue cheese burger @ JG’s – pretty good, with crispy bacon and perfectly toasted wheat bun, but the burger itself was a bit overdone.

    The grilled cheese sandwich with mushrooms at Zanata was a crunchy, chewy delight, contrasted nicely with spicy pickles in the side. The gnocchi was also good. Beautiful week for rooftop dining.



  15. Damn phone…as I was saying…and tasty bahn mi from La Me. I was surprised to see bahn mi also mentioned in the SideDish review of Whiskey Cake. Is this a trendy thing? I didn’t know it was the next new cupcake. :)

  16. Wonderful food at Malai Kitchen. Lemongrass Mussels, Green papaya salad and Shrimp Pad Thai. Great atmosphere, and friendly service. Have to go back, it was hard to choose such an amazing menu

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