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Lisa Garza’s Vintage-Inspired Aprons at Neiman Marcus, Northpark

Last night, Lisa Garza debuted her new vintage-inspired apron line at Neiman Marcus Northpark. Intern Courtney Foreman sent us this post from the field:

Ms. Garza next to her tidbits. (Photo by Courtney Foreman.)

As I walked past an array of pricey items at Neiman Marcus Northpark last night, including a pair of “diamond” heels for $6,000, I was welcomed to Lisa Garza’s launch of her new line of vintage aprons.

A champagne bar greeted guests as Garza, chef, designer and Food Network star, proudly presented both casual cotton and silk aprons in multiple colors, modeling one with a strapless red cocktail dress.

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(From left) Jade Miller, Dena Miller, Lisa Garza, and Bri Crum. (Photo by Courtney Foreman.)
Photo by Courtney Foreman.

Garza displayed not only her vintage-inspired aprons, but also an assortment of the finger foods—pastries, mini sandwiches, and deviled eggs—that have made her popular both here and around the country.

Lisa Garza’s apron collection will be on display in Gift Galleries, level three for two weeks. Casual cotton aprons: about $110; silk aprons: around $185.

12 comments on “Lisa Garza’s Vintage-Inspired Aprons at Neiman Marcus, Northpark

  1. When my grandmother passed my mom and I cleaned out multiple closets and chests and found both of my great-grandmother’s aprons. I probably have20+ aprons and they are all beautifully handmade by my respective great-grandmothers. Some are casual and show wear (which I love) and others were fancy ‘company’ aprons that we found crisp and freshly pressed, ready for use. Can’t believe she is charging $185 for an apron but more power to her I suppose. Mine are actually priceless.

  2. @Zach-if I greeted my husband in nothing but that apron and a pair of heels, he wouldn’t expect me to the kitchen, that is.

  3. Why must you continue to give publicity to this complete narcissist? Last I checked, getting eliminated from a second rate reality show two years ago does not make you a “star.” There’s a reason why two other contestants got shows and she didn’t.

  4. I picked up one of her vintage aprons last night(not $185 – those are the silk ones). I used my InCircle gift card that was only good during April 14-17, so they held my find for me the night of the party (4/13). For that I am grateful b/c another buyer wanted the one I found. She ended up with the one on the pink form in your photo. Lisa made some great bites too – anything she’s catered, I’ve enjoyed and now I have one of her personal vintage handkerchiefs on a cool apron.

  5. Please…get real $185 for a vintage apron by Lisa Garza who…a nobody who had her 5 minutes of fame not 15.Let us also face more facts…Neimans really?let’s do a little research about your clientelle…do you really think housewives and all the single ladies wear that in their kitchen?Nope.let’s just say most of the housewives probally have Conchita or Lupita working in the kitchen.Doubt the Lisa Garza whats her name apron can even fit around their waistlne.As for the other half the girlfriends…if they are in the kitchen cooking for their boyfriend,i would say it is safe to bet that they are wearing nothing at all due to the fact that thay probally have no culinary skills!ok enough said.Back to the aprons…simply put.They suck.Neimans bet the old man is rolling in his grave on the “tasteless” publicity stunt.So who exactly bought these aprons/soon you will be using them as dust rags for the janitorial service to clean up the mess you made out of this one!

  6. Oh yea…is Lisa Garza paying tribute to Elizabeth Taylor?Surely she is.That has to be the reason why she wears her hair like Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra!!Don’t get it.Is it a wig…is it a joke?Use that mop of a hairdo for a cleaning something or the other!

  7. bobo and zach,
    it is people like you that is what is sad in this world, and worse, for side dish to allow a such a sad, cruel and derogatory post to remain published. What makes you better than Lisa or the rest of the world? This is an individual that has the guts to put herself out there and create something. Just because you may not like it, doesn’t mean you get to hide behind some cowardly fake screen name and post such cutting and hurtful comments. I have no affiliation to Lisa and I don’t know her, but you can’t ever take away someone’s passion and it takes real guts to put it out there. More power to the entrepreneurs, creators and risk takers… that is what is great. On top of it all, side dish should not enable this kind of poisonous material and I will no longer support this website. Life is good and there is no reason to be so hateful and hurtful.