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Celebrate New Gloria’s with 25 Cent Margaritas

Yep, that’s right. Throw back some cheap, tasty margaritas as Gloria’s celebrates both its 25th anniversary and the relocation of the original Gloria’s from its old Oak Cliff home next to Bolsa to its tonier digs down the street at the historic Fire Station No. 15 in Bishop Arts. The party starts tomorrow night (April 14 ) at Gloria’s new home. Read more about the new location here.

  • Jill

    So are the 25 cent margaritas at all locations? And for how long? Tomorrow only?

  • LC

    Yes-details please! They don’t list any info on their website, nor does the link.
    I need cheap tequila!

  • LJT

    No! No details. I want to keep it an Oak Cliff neighborhood function (and we know all about it!) :)




    JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! What shall we do with the drunkn’ sailor? What shall we do with the drunkn’ sailor? What shall we do with the drunkn’ sailor? Earl’I in the mornin’.

  • Will

    Seriously where are the participating locations?

  • Pincher

    Peeps … it says “at Gloria’s new home,” so that would answer the “what location” comments.

  • MA

    Is this for all Gloria’s locations or just Bishop Arts?

  • MA

    Thanks Pincher. :)

  • CP
  • yeah…um


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