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Somebody Help This Restaurateur: Radioactive Water and Eating Fish

A local restaurateur is concerned about the seafood supply. Here’s a note from the restaurant’s kitchen staff:

I’d personally love to know, as a restaurant owner (and I think others would as well): What are people’s opinions on eating fresh, or any seafood (whether or not it is from Japan), given that radioactive water is directly leaking from reactor at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant into the ocean. Are you thinking:

1)  Start testing/certifying for no radioactivity immediately or I won’t eat it?

2)  Enjoy it until levels of of radioactivity in or near the US are reported as elevated?

3)  Avoid west coast seafood altogether, but east coast (gulf coast) is acceptable?

4)  Or “fish swim, west coast – east coast, doesn’t make a difference” a fish free diet?

I received a voicemail the other day from a guy who is going all over town with a Geiger counter and waving it over food products. Get ready for the next big topic. Speak.

10 comments on “Somebody Help This Restaurateur: Radioactive Water and Eating Fish

  1. Radioactivity is on my radar, but won’t stop me from buying / ordering fish at this point. However, I would feel a lot more comfortable if businesses would take it upon themselves to check for radioactivity in their fish (a la Eric Ripert).

  2. i found this article from Austin to have some good facts and figures.

    America imports very little seafood from Japan. even the majority of sushi fish is not coming from Japan.

    is this a serious problem? Absolutely. Tragic and unfortunate. And it has definitely effected the ability to eat seafood in Asia.

    Will it effect YOU and the seafood you eat here in America? Not likely.

  3. Everything I’m hearing is leaving me with the same opinion as jonfromtjs. NPR aired a piece on the same topic the other day. I can’t worry about this… not yet, anyway.

  4. @jon or Margie – Is “not likely” good enough when we are talking about the Ultimate Pesticide – one that can be passed from sea creature to sea creature by Nature’s consumption process?

    And I don’t know if the person selling the fish is the one to attest to its safety, y’know?(i.e. Eric Ripert, although I’m sure he’s very honest, but is he a nuclear know it all? What if the geiger counter is being used incorrectly)

    So far 25% of responders to this post would “feel more comfortable” with some sort of testing. Me? I don’t eat fish or seafood. Allergies.

  5. Does the Gefilte fish come from the east coast or west coast? Is it wild or farmed?

  6. I practice a Vegan diet…fish contains iodine, and other waste material rather it be radioactive or not. Sure it is heart healthy and is better than the process of slaughtering cow both from a health and environmental perspective. But why be so ignorant in to thinking that the FDA is going to protect us.

  7. Use a Geiger incorrectly? Isn’t that like using a radio “incorrectly”? It detectls signal or it doesn’t. Very little user input other than on/off.