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26 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. Cedars Social for lunch. Nearly empty, but still liked the vibe and will be going back for cocktails/dinner this weekend. Had trouble choosing between al the yummy-sounding things on the menu but ended up with the tacos. Very tasty.

  2. I had a gluttonous weekend. I went to Alma (Love it! Do not skip the street corn. It’s one of the best things there. The crowd is very trendy.); Crossroads Diner (I actually wasn’t a huge fan of this. When I try a new place, I always go to my favorite staple. For breakfast, that’s the granola. This bowl of granola, yogurt, and fruit did not blow me away.); Jimmy’s (My husband had never tried a sandwich there, so I finally took him. I forgot how good those sandwiches are. I got the Cuban, and it was perfectly toasted with a generous but not overwhelming supply of pickles); and Cane Russo (I love this pizza! And so did everyone I was with. It was what I never knew I always wanted in my pizza. My one concern, though, was that it didn’t seem crazy busy considering there was an arts festival across the street. However, the Cane Russo stand at the arts festival was out of pizza. So maybe people just got their fill there and didn’t go to the restaurant.) It was a great weekend. I’ve spent the past week at the gym trying to work it off.

  3. Lunch at Cedar’s Social – had the crabcake sliders. Wonderful crabcakes (just barely held together lumps of crabmeat with little filler). Can’t wait to go back for dinner and drinking is an option.

    Dinner at Jasper’s Plano for the Trefethen Wine Dinner. Went specifically for the wine because I had previously never been overly impressed by Jaspers. The food was actually wonderful and very creative (especially for a group dinner). Kent Rathbun was in the kitchen that night and was extremely gracious, as well. (And the wine was delicious and paired perfectly with the meal). I’ll happily go back to Jaspers after that dinner.

  4. Went to Cafe Izmir last night with friends. Had lots of delicious food! It had been awhile since I was last there, and forgot how friendly, and efficient, the service is there.

  5. Cedars Social for lunch…they’ve only been open for lunch service a week…it was quiet, but still had a great vibe…was treated to a menu sampling…loved everything, but the mac and cheese, short rib slider, tacos and buttermilk pie were my faves…oh…and the moscow mule was super yummy, too! can’t wait to go back…

  6. Loving Malai Kitchen this week! When there for a girl’s night out on Monday to commiserate over the fact that we can no longer watch Bachelor on Monday nights (until the new season starts). We were all impressed with their cocktail menu; a great selection of fun drinks that will be perfect for patio drinking on summer nights!

  7. I satisfied by deep fried/gravy covered fetish this week with a visit to Bubba’s: fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and those doughy, addictive rolls. Burp.

  8. Also had dinner at Neo Pizza in Victory Park. Second time I’ve been there. I think their pizza has crack in it, and the wines are very reasonably priced. Service gets a solid meh. Last time I was there, nobody in the entire restaurant could tell us what was on the $15 meat and cheese plate (seriously?). This time, our server kept apologizing for ignoring us, despite that the joint was nearly empty. He seemed nice enough but inexperienced. I’ll be back– good food and, as of yet, the service hasn’t been rude (like Eno’s).

  9. Went to Central Market on Lover’s for the trusty soup bar; HUGE mistake. Each soup I tried was more vile than the last. They must have changed their recipes and/or preparation. I’ve had better soup out of a can.

  10. Finally got to Cane Rosso. Loved the burrata/greens appetizer, the pizza was great and the pasta with brown butter and shaved parmesan for my little one was fit for any foodie!

  11. Malai Kitchen! Lemongrass Mussels, Tom Ka and a to-die-for Panang Curry Duck Breast. We were in heaven and can’t wait to go back! Incredibly yummy cocktails too!

  12. Tried Dan Landsburgh’s new food at Dragonfly in Hotel Zaza. Delicious and a great patio.

  13. Meddlesome Moth for dinner with friends. Steak/asparagus special was perfection. Great place to order several things and share them around. Loved our waitress, too!

    Lucky’s this morning for breakfast. A mix-up with placing my order (eggs/bacon/biscuits/potatoes) but when it finally came I was happy. I need to remember to order bacon rare, medium, well or burnt. Since I love the well-to-almost-burnt version, I was happy that one of my 3 pieces was cooked just so. The other 2 were only medium.

  14. Did not like Cedar Social at all. Drinks, what a JOKE! Serve them in a cocktail glass. Salum was great as always and so was the Pizza at the Elbow Room!

  15. Tried Barbec’s for the first time. I can see the charm, somewhat, but it wasn’t anything to write home about. The french toast actually had a scrambled egg crust. Yuck.

    Zanata in Plano for dinner. Cool patio and had a pork chop with a watermelon, arugula salad. Yum. My boyfriend had a forest pizza and it was really really good.

    Mr. Sushi in Addison. Great tempura and the sushi was outstanding.

    Drinks and app’s at Gloria’s on Oak Lawn. Nice outdoor area. The margarita’s were magically delicious. And the bean dip. Fried plaintains and papusa’ better hide, I’m coming back for yooouuuuuu!

  16. Guess i’m not the only one who was at Cedars Social this week. My other amazing find was Malai in West Village. Had dessert there after seeing a movie at Magnolia… and still can’t stop thinking up these chocolate won tons that were SO good.

  17. Tillman’s in Fort Worth…..AWFUL! What happened to that place? SLOW everything and rude service. Food was horrible. How do you mess up a burger. Sad day.

  18. Parigi for lunch! Outstanding! Creative and season ripe menu, servers friendly and helpful with suggestions on menu. Met a vegeterian and carnivoire need. Love this place and wish i found it a long time a go.

  19. Lunch at Cedars Social,nothing very special either drink or food wise. This is apt to be one of those places that the owners/backers (big names) think is wonderful and fool proof, had an early success but isn’t and won’t. The days could well be limited. It is sad as no backer seems to want to work or is ever there.

  20. Perry’s Steakhouse on McKinney, we really like this place, and go often, nice music in the bar.
    This week, very average service, perhaps a smile from the staff would be a nice touch.
    Food was average, the steak was less than ok, but the pork chop is fantastic, very large, in fact we ate the leftovers for dinner at home tonight.

  21. Ate at Cafe Izmir. The $5 valet charge is enough to make me not go back; other mediterranean restaurants just as good without a parking issue.

    I also ate at Cedars Social last week. My friend and I had nothing that would warrant a craving and second visit.

  22. I had dinner at Cedars Social last week along with the rest of Dallas. Definite hits and definite misses. Service was just bizarre – not unfriendly – but all over the place. It was definitely an interesting experience.
    Komali for lunch. LOVED the crab chile relleno and the tamales.
    Parigi for brunch as usual. Loved the new breakfast pizza.

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