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Somebody Help This Poor Person: A Good Patio in Dallas

Just found this plea in the comments section. Since it’s going to be such a gorgeous weekend, I thought I’d pull it out and let you guys make suggestions.

I need a good patio for a few drinks and appetizers.. Something laid back!! Ideas please!

38 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Person: A Good Patio in Dallas

  1. 1. Bolsa in Oak Cliff
    2. The Belmont Hotel
    3. Patrizios in HPV
    4. Blue Goose on Greenville
    5. OTB on Knox
    6. Toulouse on Knox

  2. Sevy’s Grill has two to choose from, c’mon by! A nice bar menu to go with your drink selection too.

  3. One Arts Plaza all have open air patios

    Screen Door
    Tei An (roof top)

  4. St. Ann’s has an awesome patio and has great – and really well-priced – appetizers. I haven’t made it to the Katy Trail Ice House yet, but it looks like the perfect spot to grab some beers and enjoy the warm weather. Black Friar is always a favorite happy hour spot of mine too.

  5. If you want laid back, I’d stay away from Uptown, West Village, etc. St. Ann’s is a nice pick, although I’ve only been there when it was too cold to sit outside, so I have no idea how crowded / crazy it gets.

    My personal choice would be Meddlesome Moth… in fact, that is where I will be at 6pm for the Divine Reserve cask tapping… hooray!

  6. For really low key try Si Tapas in State/Thomas, great view, great food, great drinks!

  7. Gingerman in Uptown. Either upstairs in the covered patio or ground level for the beergarten feel.

  8. Malai Kitchen just opened in the West Village and has an incredible patio! AND, fab housemade cocktails and delish Thai/Viet food. Our new favorite place–we’ll be on the patio this weekend.

  9. Oooh…I’d go for Malai Kitchen. Gorgeous patio, outstanding cocktails, and fabulous people-watching! And its new…always fun to try something new.

  10. Just discovered a new roof top patio in downtown Plano. You wouldnt know there was a beautiful bar & patio upstairs by looking in the windows. Check out Zanata. Great food & unique drinks plus fantastic HH specials.

  11. I had dinner last month at Malai kitchen. The patio was big, but not packed. Felt like a sophisticated crew of people, food was tasty and a nice change of pace

  12. We like Si Tapas – it’s like a little secret. The little patio in the back is just perfect for nibbles and sangria and it has a view of the dallas skyline. Also not many people know this but it has a nice field out the back so if you are going with the kids (like i do all the time), we let them out there to play after dinner while hubby & I sip our sangria.

  13. Surprise of all surprises, head to Garland. I30 east exit Bass Pro and pick a spot. Flying Saucer, Primo’s and Tx Land and Cattle. For a sunset view, cross the lake to Rockwall and go to Glorias or one of several other spots. Or just take your own picnic and sit out on plaza by the water. There’s also Snuffers on the northside of I30 with a fantastic view.