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  1. Lockhart’s- awesome pork chop, sausage and brisket but man is it pricey (and seriously no forks?!)

    Convinced the Cliff is cranking out the best food in Dallas (can’t even name all the great spots from high end to taco stands).

  2. Natalie’s – Prestons/Royal. Remodeled this week. Great food, soups are great. Nice quite dinner no rush to get you out. Always good service – $-$$.

  3. On an evening that screamed “comfort food” I headed to Norma’s where I introduced my four year old daughter to the greatness of pancakes for dinner.

  4. Cedars Social…everything ranged from very good to great. meatloaf was outstanding. apparently its a new recipe.

    Brooklyn and Buck are both delicious cocktails.

  5. I need a good patio for a few drinks and appetizers.. Something laid back!! Ideas please!

  6. Highlights: Ino’s for a couple of lunches, Paisanito’s for breakfast tacos, Sevy’s for a dinner date with my daughter.

    @Help: Common Table, Obzeet, Jack’s Backyard,

  7. @Help LEE HARVEYS!!!

    All I know is I ate at Jimmy’s for lunch and killed a whole Italian. Then walked down to Spicers place and grabbed some goods for the weekend. Awesome.

  8. Monday – Fuse Japan (formerly just Fuse) downtown. slow and pricey for lunch
    Thursday – lunch at Taco Barracho in downtown. great tacos and killer hot sauce
    Friday – lunch at Paraiso Taqueria on West Jefferson (owned by the head cheesemaker at Dallas Mozzarella Company). Very fresh. try the pollo diablo! First time there but will return.

  9. We had Meshack’s for lunch today. Good but not great. Some sliced beef was smoky, some not. I’m not the biggest fan of the sauce and one complained the potato salad was half sugar. It was ok. Nothing I’d rave about. I need to try Lockhart’s.

  10. I was the one complaining a few weeks back about the inconsistent Caesar salad at Cane Rosso. I have to report that I had lunch there on Tuesday after a very hectic morning. It was pure heaven. The pizza has always been divine. On this particular day, I ventured forth and ordered my beloved Caesar, and it was absolutely perfect. Bright, sharp, fresh. The romaine was crunchy and slightly sweet. The dressing was nicely coating all of the leaves; and the portion was perfect. Our beloved Paulie Gee pizza was spot-on and to die for. Did I mention we splurged and had wine? The Villa san Juliette is a favorite. Everything was so perfect I felt as if I was in Europe. Wonderful experience.

  11. Dinner with a friend tonight at Lemongrass in Deep Ellum.
    The best Vietnamese this side of Garland.
    Terrific charbroiled pork and vermicelli and sugar cane spring rolls with the most delicate wrapper I’ve ever had in Dallas. Their rice paper wrapper does not need chewing because it melts in your mouth.

  12. Lunch at Salata in Preston Center. Any and all the veggie toppings for one price. Love it!

  13. @twinwillow have you tried Malai kitchen in west vil? I eat lots of Asian/Vietnamese food and was pleasantly surprised by the fresh flavors at Malai. The food was great & i’d definitely go back for lunch. My wife said it was a perfect date spot… Won some points for that!

  14. Pecan lodge for lunch-ribs and brisket. Was not impressed. Brisket was dry, ribs weren’t as meaty as I would have liked. Macaroni and cheese was good, not great.

  15. Sunday Green Papaya for pho ga
    Tues went to Celebration for dinner-excellent. Love their homemade cucumber salad dressing
    Thurs glorias in uptown had the worst meal there ever. Fish plate with snapper shrimp scallops and mussels. Quality of all the fish was disappointing
    Friday dinner at bolsa best thing was the broshetta
    Lunch at good eats –had the Rueben for the first time. It was excellent and so were their fries!

  16. @Justin. Malai Kitchen is on my “to do” list. Thanks.

    Going to Austin today for the weekend. BBQ reports to follow Monday.

  17. In Austin. Saturday night we had great seafood in including plump gulf oysters on the 1/2 shell, (the best) steamed lobster, and the star of the dinner, fried whole little neck belly clams at “Quality Seafood” A great seafood restaurant and, fresh seafood market selling seafood we never see in Dallas.
    Btw, we saw at least four 5 pound lobster orders going to the tables. I guess there’s no recession in Austin.
    Sunday brunch: Incredible dim sum at “Chinatown” restaurant. All the usual favorites. Just done, better!
    Sunday dinner: Waited almost an hour to get in to “Home Slice” pizza on Congress. This place is literally, packed 14 hours a day! I had the best “NYC style” pizza in my life. And, I’m originally from NYC! No wonder they’re so busy all the time.
    Mind you, this not the same kind of pizza Jay Jerrier serves at Il Cane Rosso. Which is my favorite “Italian style” pizza in Dallas.
    Monday: Considered the best BBQ in Texas, we were really looking forward to lunch at Franklins BBQ. But, they decided to close on Mondays beginning, yesterday. Bummer!
    So, it was an easy decision to head out to Taylor on the way back to Dallas for BBQ at Louie Mueller BBQ. We ate incredible fatty brisket, sausage, their new baby back ribs and a huge 3″ thick beef rib cut from the chuck. Yeah, my fridge now smells like a smokehouse.

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  19. Lucky’s BBQ in Oakcliff on Davis, the brisket was juicy, smokey, tender and reasonably priced. Great patio with cold beer too!

  20. I just had Huevos Rancheros at Coquitos in Richardson, Man I gotta tell ya.. Best umm food out there. I will be a staple there on a weekly basis.