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Chicks in the Food News: Liza Garza and Dee Lincoln

Lisa Garza is baaaaack.

Lisa Garza will debut her new line of fancy aprons in the HOME department at Neiman Marcus Northpark. She will also cater a kick-off soiree on April 13 from 6-8:00pm. “I’m serving green tea tipsy Arnold Palmers, smoked salmon profiteroles, curry deviled eggs with Tobiko caviar, mushroom duxelles, truffle tarts, and French macaroons,” Garza said. “Neiman’s is going to have my apron collection on display for 10 days.” Aprons will be available for purchase. Garza plans to launch a line of table linens in the fall.

Dee Lincoln is set to open her first freestanding location of  Dee Lincoln’s Tasting Room & Bubble Bar at Rosewood Court in May. You may have sampled some of Dee’s wine bubbly at her tasting room at Cowboy’s Stadium. She’s consulting with chef Blaine Staniford of Grace in Fort Worth. Full release, and it’s full, below.

Dee Lincoln To Open Dee Lincoln’s Tasting Room & Bubble Bar

At Rosewood Court In Uptown Dallas in April

Dallas, Texas — Following her success at Cowboys Stadium, Dee Lincoln will open her first freestanding location of “Dee Lincoln’s Tasting Room & Bubble Bar” at Rosewood Court, 2101 Cedar Springs Road in Uptown Dallas in May.

According to Lincoln, this innovative Tasting Room will feature many state-of-the-art components with avant garde amenities unlike traditional bars. For instance, the lounge will house the first Flute machine in the United States which will dispense champagne at the perfect temperature and allow guests to experience bubbles by the ounce. “Champagne is not just for celebrating anymore. It is a viable option to either pair with food or enjoy on its own,“ Lincoln said.

According to Lincoln, her concept defined is a cool lounge with approachable food, sexy bar, beautiful patio, wines and champagnes by the ounce, glass or bottle all served in an elegant, fun atmosphere.

“Live is for livin‘,” said Lincoln. This unique lounge will offer alternatives to dining. I want customers to feel they are guests in my home promoting the American tradition of sharing good food, great wines and hand-crafted cocktails with business associates, friends and family while creating lasting memories.”

Lincoln is working with consulting chef Blaine Staniford on menu development.  The menu will include house-sliced meats, high-end cheeses, traditional caviar service, smoked salmon stack, port salute corndogs with Huckleberry jam, housemade dips and “not your ordinary meatballs” among other culinary creations.

The innovative concept invites wine lovers to explore the experience of tasting as little as two ounces of wines around the globe to enjoying the excitement of a 6 oz glass.  Dee Lincoln’s Tasting menu is divided into sections including: “Dee Vine Wines,” “White Stars,” “Legendary Reds,” and “Dee’s Personal Friends,” so named because of her personal relationships with world renowned vintners.

“The Tasting Room will feature something for everyone. Across the bar, I will serve fun wines by the glass from small wineries at a value that won‘t be found anywhere else. Or guests can select additional choices and higher end labels from the machines. Bottle selection is a must for those who wish to settle in and enjoy the evening.

The overall 4,000 square-foot Tasting Room will be sleek and sexy. Described by leading interior designers as “the best in modern lighting,” three tiers of custom-made bubble chandeliers designed in Venice will be suspended 22-feet in the air of shimmering round crystal globe chandeliers that diffuse glimmering light.

The main bar will be a focal point designed with marble known for its clean white overall coloration with light veining of flowing color patterns.  Low modern Italian leather sofas with matching low tables will accent the first floor’s comfortable atmosphere.

Lincoln personally designed her custom flooring mixing all finishes including mirrors, mother of pearl and shades to brown to create the terrazzo floor. The magenta and chocolate brown zebra carpeting was designed to compliment several semi-private rooms and a beautiful staircase.

The patio will feature state-of-the-art Moonlight cocktail tables designed to look like bubbles that light up with white light. The terrace centerpiece will be a famous stainless steel sculpture by artists Jennifer Gilbert Asher and Mario Lopez which is designed with three large shimmering silver rings to continue the circular bubble atmosphere. The patio will allow smoking.

Dee Lincoln’s Second Floor will be accessed by a spectacular spiral staircase.  One private dining room and two semi-private dining rooms will be available for corporate entertaining or intimate evenings with friends.  Lincoln will showcase some of her private collection of wines in a custom-designed wine cellar. Guests who prefer a more traditional dining experience or private events will enjoy the second floor.

Lincoln’s artwork will be signature. Created by artist Peter O’Neil, each piece of art will depict beautiful women in different moods including: “Making Her First Move,” “His Shirt, His House, My Boots,” “Dirty Martini,” and “McCamy: Black Dress.

In 2009, Dee Lincoln teamed up with the Dallas Cowboys, Legends Hospitality Management and her brother, Ricky Comardelle, to open a state-of-the-art, high-end wine, martini and champagne lounge, Dee Lincoln’s Tasting Room & Bubble Bar, at Cowboys Stadium.

“Dee Lincoln’s Tasting Room & Bubble Bar is a wonderful partnership at Cowboys Stadium. Dee is one of Dallas’ unique personalities who is very magnetic and makes everyone feel right at home. We are thrilled to have her at Cowboys Stadium,” said Stephen Jones.

And according to Mike Rawlings, CEO, Legends Hospitality, regarding Dee Lincoln’s Tasting Room & Bubble Bar at Cowboys Stadium: “The Tasting Room was designed around her persona. At first, I didn’t think we would sell high-end wines. I was wrong. Dee’s put her heart and soul into this thing. It’s fabulous.”

Referred to nationally as the “Queen of Steak,” Dee Lincoln resigned Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House in 2010 after expanding the steakhouse luxury brand from Dallas across the United States.

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6 comments on “Chicks in the Food News: Liza Garza and Dee Lincoln

  1. Lisa ,please the food days are over, but the aprons could be a great sale at Kellers on a great Saturday night.Tips gould flow for you……

  2. Restaurant & Catering is my career, always has been and always will….My bread and butter.. aprons are for fun. I like to stay busy. Why should we have to choose between our creative interests??

  3. Restaurant & Catering is my career, always has been and always will….My bread and butter.. aprons are for fun. I like to stay busy. Why should we have to choose between our creative interests??

  4. As a women who owns two bakeries in Dallas, and about to open up a third and different concept, I say HOORAY for Lisa! She is passionate about her career and expanding her business with the line of aprons. I personally, will check them out and most likely purchase one! Good job Lisa!

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