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Sad News: The Bronx in Dallas is Closing

My mom is sitting in the other room reading the Dallas Morning News. Suddenly, she burst into tears. “Oh my god, The Bronx is closing!” I jumped on to Eats where La Brenner posts about Karen Robinson Jacobs’ report. Oh my god is right. I remember hanging out there when Stephan Pyles was the chef and the quiche was the best in town. And the omelets. I am feeling old and sad right now.

10 comments on “Sad News: The Bronx in Dallas is Closing

  1. It’s true–I’m all a-blubber. Where will we find a Viennese apricot pie, wonderful pumpkin soup, etc., etc.? And, nobody has ever come close to their chef’s salad.

  2. And I will miss the wonderful gigantic photo at the entrance of the 1957 Oak Cliff tornado…

  3. How about a new game? Who can name non-chain (McDonald’s, Chili’s etc) restaurants in Dallas that were doing business when The Bronx opened and are still going strong? Probably not a lot.

  4. Isn’t Old Spaghetti Warehouse still around? Jeanne’s entry prompted that memory.

  5. So sad to hear this, having only recently ‘discovered’ their wonderful brunches. If they bulldoze this building they will also be taking another part of Dallas history. Does anyone remember Spanish Village, the restaurant that was in that space before? My father drove our family there every night for 12 years, back in the mid-60s. Best guacamole EVER.

  6. Yes, I remember the Spanish Village … and The Bronx … I am so very sorry to hear this news … worst of all, it is the end of an era. Everyone was so nice at The Bronx.

  7. I heard that the Melrose next door acquired it the for some kind of expansion

    I will miss Bronx blend coffee, spiced iced tea and their amazing cheesy grilled bread.