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Al Biernat’s Lands in People

Jerry Jones hosted a big party back on Super Bowl Saturday at Al Biernat’s. The place was lousy with celebrities. Don’t make me name all. So in the current issue of People (April 11, with Elizabeth Taylor on the cover), the restaurant gets a whole page. No word yet whether Al himself took his pants off for the magazine, like he did for us. Something else we don’t know: how will Al Biernat’s fare when we rank the top 20 steakhouses in Dallas next month? (Well, actually, we know where the restaurant ranks, because we’re working on our May issue right now. But you don’t know. Yet.)

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  1. The February Dallas Super Bowl winners, category restaurants: Al Biernat’s (liquor/beer/wine sales up $120,000) and Nick & Sam’s (liquor/b/w) sales up $210,000); category hotels: Anatole (including Nana, liquor/b/w/ sales up almost half a million $). Based on February 2010 vs 2011 tax amounts remitted to the Comptroller

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