First-Take Bar Review: Katy Trail Ice House

The Katy Trail Ice House

Here are our thoughts from opening night at the new jogging trail-adjacent bar:

The Concept: It actually backs up to the Katy Trail. We parked on Blackburn Street, walked up a path to hop on the trail, and walked a few feet to get to the back entrance of the Ice House. Dozens of wooden picnic tables cover the patio. Inside it’s all wood walls, tin accents, one long bar, and (as we counted) seven flat-screens, featuring sports. To summarize: casual.

Who’s There: Families with kiddos, girls in sundresses, and sets of couples packed the picnic tables. Inside, groups of guys (college-aged to 40s) and gals (mostly 20s and 30s) with beers in-hand huddled around each table. Basically anyone who wants a low-key evening with some brewskies can enjoy this place.

Don’t Miss: Unfortunately, quite a bit was missing from our experience. Good news is they packed in a huge crowd on their first weekend of business. Bad news is they could barely keep the domestic bottles of beer in stock. They ran out of Shiner and Bud Light during our 3-hour stay, and we grabbed the last four cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon, we were told. Katy Trail Ice House boasts a long list of local beers on draft, but the taps weren’t set up yet. Food was already being served, so we ordered up a couple burgers and chicken sandwiches. It took a while to get the food, but it was worth the wait. Both were delicious.

It's a casual crowd.

What They’re Wearing: Beer attire. Chicks in heels regretted it with the patio’s gravel ground. Stick to jeans with tees, sundresses, and khakis with button-downs. Baseball caps are a go.

When You Enter, Make a Beeline For: A picnic table to order beers by the bucket under the stars.

When the Crowd Arrives: The crowd was there when we arrived at 8 pm. They were still there when we left at 11 pm.

Spotted: A lot of happy people.

Bottom Line: The fact that the place wasn’t completely ready for business was disappointing, but we’ll absolutely be back. You can’t hate on a no-frills bar dishing out beer and good French fries. Plus, with all the indoor and outdoor space, you’re always guaranteed a place to stand and sip.

Check out our nightlife gallery from Katy Trail Ice House’s opening night.

11 comments on “First-Take Bar Review: Katy Trail Ice House

  1. Went there on Sunday. Very disappointed in the lack of draft beers (2 out of the promised 50). Didn’t order food, but the menu showed they must be very proud of theirs.

  2. Went Saturday the 26th. Didn’t eat, but my friend loved the chicken sandwich. Sat at the bar and service was great. Friendly waitstaff. Nice crowd. When they are fully open with all beers on tap and the full menu available, this has some really nice potential.

  3. Come on people this is the Katy Trail Ice House, not some joint in Uptown or on Greenville Ave.

    I never new people were so formal on the Katy Trail. What with khakis and button-downs or sundresses and heels.

  4. Everyone needs to walk or bike there. Couldn’t barely find a parking spot when I tried to go to Mattito’s (sorry, Audi TT, for making it near impossible for you to get out of your parallel parking spot).

  5. Went there Saturday for Lunch and they said they were open but very limited. Had burger and fries both were delicious and I will be back when they have their full menu and sit outside and enjoy a burger a beer and the view.

  6. What’s ridiculous is the place doesn’t even have bike racks (at least if they do, I could not see them when I have passed by several times). You’re located on a hike & bike trail with no bike racks…mmkay!

  7. Misty, I actually read a post on their Facebook page that said bike racks are on the way. They were probably on order and just haven’t gotten them yet. They said in the meantime just chain your bike to the fence (like you see in the pic above).

  8. Best concept in Dallas in years. Best thing about it is the typical Dallas douche crowd won’t “get it” because it’s not full of faux leather coaches, dark rooms, or cheesy cougars. So that leaves it to the laid back crowd. Dallas ain’t Austin, but this place is a great escape from the same old bullish!t bars.