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Restaurant Review: Gio’s New York Deli in Dallas

Pastrami from Carnegie Deli in NYC is served at Gio's. Photo by Kevin Marple.

The stretch of Preston Road that runs south from LBJ Freeway to Royal Lane has seen its fair share of delicatessens come and go. Many of us remember Wall’s Delicatessen, which opened in 1951 in Preston Royal Shopping Center. Then, of course, there was Gilbert’s in Preston Forest. Wall’s closed in 1990 and operates only a catering facility, and Gilbert’s ceased its cranky operation in 2004. Ed’s Deli, Deli News Too, Zinsky’s, Bagelstein’s, and Roasters’ n Toasters have all opened and closed in the last few years.

Recently, Gio’s New York Style Deli debuted in the Deli News-turned-Roasters space at LBJ and Preston. There is nothing special about the interior, but there is plenty to like on the menu. Pastrami, corned beef, and kosher dills and half sours are shipped in from Carnegie Deli in New York. Bagels and bialys are made on-site. I’m sure deli purists will complain that the sandwiches are wimpy. Click for more.

Have you been?

  • Jonfromtjs

    Have had several good meals there. Agree on soups. Good tuna salad too. And they didn’t laugh when I ordered my special: chopped liver and corned beef on kaiser roll.

    And don’t forget to put creamer in your dr browns.

  • ERG

    We have been once, and will not go back. The food was fine, but the service was awful. We had the same problem at Zinsky’s.

  • marisa

    What is it about Delis that attract rude employees? The food was OK at best but the male employees need a BIG attitude adjustment.

  • Gipson

    Never met a rude employee at Deli News. In fact, I’ve never had a service experience at Deli News that wasn’t well above average.

    Not defending all delis, just Deli News.

  • mark

    I’ve had several good meals there. Service was fine. The soup is the best in Big D, IMHO. But if that pastrami comes from Carnegie Deli that will save me a trip to NYC.
    way to dry for me

  • Twinwillow

    I totally agree with ERG, Gipson and, mark. No more need be said.

  • Steven F

    Wanted to like it but sadly did not. Corned beef was dry, pickles were gnarly. Service was friendly tho’.

    I do miss Gilberts!

  • laurie

    Been three times. Highlights: matzah ball soup (huge and fluffy!), off-the-bird turkey sandwiches, and black and white cookies. Dislikes: the pickles on the table, the decor, and the rude waiter. He gets irritated if you ask for something on the side or have questions, which is what happens a hundred times a day in a NY deli. I personally didn’t like the egg salad, and I think the sandwiches are just the right size.