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News From Vijay Sadhu: He’s Changing His Menu at Sutra in Plano

Just off the phone with Sutra chef/owner Vijay Sadhu, one of the nicest chefs in the business. He says he took Sarah’s First Take to heart and has made some changes. Several people have been fired and Vijay has taken off some of the dishes  that weren’t working. “Some of my Indian friends didn’t even know much about the authentic Portuguese stuff I was doing,” said Sadhu. “I’ve changed the menu because I realized that people were not up to experimenting with some things. It’s still authentic Indian food but I do what people want me to do, not what I want to do all of the time.”

12 comments on “News From Vijay Sadhu: He’s Changing His Menu at Sutra in Plano

  1. I say, keep experimenting Vijay! Put it on a daily special. There’s no need to get rid of things you want to do because people don’t understand them. Give them what they want on the menu and allow those who want to experiment with you the option to do so.

  2. Thank you for your valuable feedback. We are planning to have specials on a daily basis, where in you will see new and unique items to try out.

  3. Wishing you the best, Vijay. If anyone can do it, you can.
    You’re an incredible chef. Best in class!
    I love your cooking. If you were in Uptown, I’d be there at least once a week.

  4. Its funny I just came of chowhound and discover that goobercat and twinwillow are the same person. Goobercat was slagging off Sutra and Vijay’s cooking, then he turns around and fawn over him. Did anyone notice that?

  5. What a classy chef! Really this has been a great learning experience to watch. I wish I liked Indian food

  6. What I notice food4me now that you bring it up, is twinwillow’s Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde personality. He has trashed Maple and Motor on some sites (yelp) but on Chowhound, he included it as one of the “excellent” burger places. He disparages DMN as no longer worth reading, yet he never misses an opportunity to throw in his two cents (Crossroads Diner this week). I don’t know how you saw he is the same poster as Goobercat, but it doesn’t surprise me.

  7. Perfect answer to the question of when is it right to do a First Take Review. Any chef/owner with open ears should appreciate the feed back that might save and give a future to the restaurant. This chef is to be commended for listening and changing. Can’t wait to go.

  8. Well done Vijay for making changes for the better!

    On another note…
    Once I commented that I was going to India to see tigers and Twinwillow said that they hoped I was going to get my dumb ass mauled and eaten by a tiger. I thought that was quite odd.

  9. Probablement parce qu’il savait que vous alliez faire des hamburgers bien fait avec eux.

  10. Bad move. Empowering lame “foodies” into thinking their opinion means something.People like MARGIE and TWINWILLOW who so desparately want to be part of business they neither have the talent or guts to do themselves.