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15 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. On Tuesday, we made our weekly trip to Tom Yum Thai in Garland, perhaps the best Thai food in town that nobody knows about. Pad Kee Mow with chicken, perfectly hot & spicy.

  2. Dinner at Isabella’s in Frisco. Got to meet the lovely Isabella. She is 4 years old. :)

    Had a near perfect Pollo con Parmesan. Sure I did not stretch my culinary wings that night but sometimes the basics are just what the body needs.

  3. Tried Lady Alice apples from Central Market. Fantastic taste, very sweet and aromatic with a juicy tartness – very refreshing. Tremendously crunchy. Can’t wait to cook with them.

  4. Another winner from Lemongrass. Lovely Peking duck quesadillas. And, tender charcoal grilled pork with vermicelli, cucumber, cilantro, chili peppers and peanuts all doused with a delicious sauce.

  5. A very disappointing dinner at Central 214. Food zero and unimaginative, small servings and very overpriced. Then, the hidden auto 21% tip for a party of six at a table so dark (no lights of any kind) it was impossible to read the check so tipped another 20%.

    This needs to be nothing more than a hotel restaurant,not some big deal, chef driven,stand alone, go to place. It isn’t.

    Fortunately, I was able to stop a party of 12 friends from going and wasting money on such a nothing place.

  6. Pheasant Consomme with foie gras tortelloni and black truffle at The Mansion. Good Gawd, I want to mainline it it’s so good. Go there immediately. Also went to Il Cane Rosso for dinner. Salads are unspectacular but the pizza is freaking amazing, especially the Bella Mela dessert pizza which has vanilla bean marscapone cheese topped with carmelized apples sprinkled with sea salt.

  7. Lunch challenged last weekend. Forgot that Ino’s and Sushi Sake are closed for lunch on saturdays, found joy at first chinese bbq with the BBQ roast pork and wonton noodle soup. Then on Sunday discovered that Neo’s pizza and everything else around Victory plaza is also closed. St Anne’s wouldn’t seat us outside, so had unremarkable fare at Londoner’s pub.

    Neighborhood Services (Preston) for a dinner was very salty. Not sure what the raves for that place are all about.

    Will be in Palo Alto next week, any suggestions?

  8. We had a “full” week; ranked as follows
    1. Zanata – just outstanding, the service was over the top friendly, efficient, and professional. Our party had the blue crab appetizer, two orders of the duck confit risotto, roasted chicken polenta, and one filet. Very nice atmosphere, chef driven, highly recommend, if you haven’t been there yet, what are you waiting for.
    2. Citrus Bistro – a nice neighborhood spot, inventive menu, and friendly service. Eating light, we had the jumbo lump crab cake, and the crab remoulade salad, followed by the bread pudding. Also, we like the BYOB.
    3. Maximo Comida – near Galleria, just average, average margaritas, average food, and pretty quiet small crowd. I will say one thing their portions served are very large, so I would recommend splitting everything.

  9. Il Cane Rosso, tonight. Such great pizza! Jay, I’m going to hold you to your promise to make a clam pizza.
    We had a Motorino with Jimmy’s sausage, burrata, basil and hot Calabrian chili’s and a Regina Margherita with bufala mozza. Both were excellent. As were the Misto salads.

  10. Thank you for the tip. Looks like I’m not the only one who like clam pies. I had a look at their menu and all of it looks very good. I’m anxious to try them.

    Speaking of clams, we had lunch Saturday at Jeng Chi in Richardson. Clam soup, scallion pancakes and shrimp and pork dumplings. All excellent and extremely inexpensive. $16.30 including tax for two of us.

  11. Don’t get too excited about the clam pizza at Zanata. I think Zanata is great and love lots of the things they’re doing there, but their clam pie is a major disappointment and not something I’d ever order again.

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