3 comments on “Restaurantville Monthly is Out

  1. Amazing they have the time to produce something like this while so busy encouraging members to fundraise for Dewhurst, Perry and other Republicans.

    This organization represents restauranteurs the way unions represent their members. Big? Got money? Let us introduce you to our political friends. Suck. Ups.

  2. I guess education could do all well.

    First off the restaurant association does not support any one political party. It supports individuals that have a tendancy to vote for the policies that are good for the restaurant business.

    Comparing a $300 association fee to Union dues is a joke. The fee goes up depending on your average unit volume. Those fees go to scholarships for culinary students. You might want to take a look if you are in the industry because the association has great incentives for credit card fees, insurance and access to education just to name a few things for members. Especially the small business owners. It is also a great source of contact to your fellow restaraunteurs,vendors and local government.

  3. Show me where the leadership of the TRA supports Democrats, please? Because I’ve got copies of emails asking members to support plenty of Republican fundraisers. From the non-profit’s email addresses, no less – which I always thought was a violation of non-profit rules. Guests in restaurants are NOT red or blue, they are PURPLE – siding with either color drives away one guest or another.

    Show me what they have done for the little restaurants (vs. the chains and franchises) with all this conservative love? BYOB Wine? GAG!

    “Those fees go to scholarships for culinary students”, please show me where this is true. It is not. Yes they give out scholarships, but that is not the primary purpose of the membership dues. I’ve checked out their credit card fees, insurance rates, hell, I even used the payroll service they recommended – and I could have gotten the same rates and deals if I had been a book store. These recommended vendors get recommended because of the support they give the TRA – not because TRA members get a great deal on them.

    I’m in contact with my fellow restauranteurs and vendors, and we agree that the TRA has some major problems to overcome to meet the needs of the little restauranteur.