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Amici Signature Italian in Carrollton is on Fire

According to a loyal Disher, Amici in downtown Carrollton is on fire:

I was at the DART station in downtown Carrollton this morning at 7:45, and I’m sorry to say that Amici’s was on fire.  The fire department was there, but there were flames coming out from the roof.  That’s where his kitchen was.

I’ve tried calling but the phone is busy.

UPDATE: The nice lady who answered the phone at nearby Babe’s Chicken Dinner House confirmed the fire. Apparently the whole roof collapsed and the restaurant “looks destroyed.”

13 comments on “Amici Signature Italian in Carrollton is on Fire

  1. So sorry to hear; Amici had it all, charm, chef owned and chef directed menu, and a favorite BYOB spot for family and friends. Here’s to hoping and praying that he will come back, bigger, and better.

  2. Yikes! That probably hurt a lot of businesses in that same building. Hope they’re able to reopen.

  3. This is terrible news! We loved going to Amici. Bartolino is a great chef and host. I sincerely wish him and his wonderful staff the best. I certainly hope he’ll rebuild as I believe he owned that building. If not, hopefully he’ll relocate. Amici was by far, the best BYOB fine dining in the Dallas area.

  4. Maybe we can make silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Bartolino is a good chef with no location. Trece is a good location with awful food. Maybe Bartolino could rent Trece’s place and do his own thing for a few months.

  5. I had reservations for Saturday night. Who else in Dallas would make your wife’s favorite meal for her birthday? I wish Bartolino well and hope he rebounds to follow his passion. Great food…great service.

  6. I agree with Chalk. If he was in the Trece space, he’d blow every restaurant in the neighborhood away with his delicious food and BYOB policy.
    However, I believe Bartolino owns the building Amici was located in. So, it’s reasonable to assume that he’d most likely rebuild.

  7. It is so sad to hear the terrible news of the fire at Amici. Bartolino was one of a kind … he fiercely believed in his restaurant, his craft, and high-quality ingredients. He was our faithful and loyal customer from the moment he opened his door. We appreciated each other! He always worked very hard and was true to his customers and his profession. I hope that he can soon recover from this devastating disaster.

  8. Chef Bartolino has always done things “right,” from meal preparation to the way he treats his employees to his genuine interest in his customers. I hope we can all find a way to encourage him and help him to rebuild.

  9. I’ve known Chef Bartolino as long as I’ve lived in Dallas. He represents the best of our business; humble, talented and dignified.
    His gem, Amici is one of my favorite places to dine in Dallas and I’ll be at the front of the line when he recovers from this awful event.
    Chef, you rock. You have many friends and like the Phoenix, you will arise. I can’t wait for that day, and you know I mean it.

  10. We were devastated when we heard. We wish Bartolino all the best. We have enjoyed Amici’s for many many years. We will be first in line for any new endeavor he undertakes.

  11. Chef Bartolino, you run a great restaurant with excellent food, atmosphere and staff. We, your loyal customers, will be back when you are ready for us. Just let us know when you’re up and running again. Hopefully that will be in you old charming location, only better than ever.