Dallasite Picked as Finalist on America’s Next Great Restaurant

Fran Harris is on TV.

I mentioned the show America’s Next Great Restaurant in post earlier today only to find the following press release when I returned to my computer.

Last night, during the premiere of NBC’s new reality TV series, “America’s Next Great Restaurant,” audiences were introduced to a panel of chefs and potential investors, and 21 restaurant concepts. The panel of judges, which includes Chef Bobby Flay and Chipotle Chef and Founder Steve Ells, then selected the top 10 finalists, one of which is Dallas’ own Fran Harris and her concept, “The Sports Wrap,” to proceed to the next round of competition.

OMG, there is MORE.

Harris, a Texas native and current Dallasite, made a powerful first impression on last night’s premiere as she shared her vision with the panel. Her concept parallels with Chipotle’s mission of offering its guests a simple menu (but with a variety of combinations) using only the freshest ingredients available. This vision, along with her enthusiasm and well thought out strategy earned her a place in the winner’s circle as one of the top ten finalists on the show.  More information about the show, Steve Ells’ involvement and Fran’s concept, “The Sports Wrap,” can be found here.

5 comments on “Dallasite Picked as Finalist on America’s Next Great Restaurant

  1. does it seem a little unfair that she is already a TV host on HGTV? i thought the point of the show was to find someone with a great idea and change their life! maybe i’m naive…next you’ll tell me that the contestants on the bachelor are looking for fame, not love.

  2. What? Fran already has a show? At what point will she no longer be an HGTV host and become a restaurateur. How do people have this much time in their lives. Seriously.