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Rumors Behind the Restaurant News: Is Al Biernat Selling Out?

Al Biernat: "I'm not selling." Print that, BOOM.

This morning I received yet another email from a secret source with insider information about a big sale in progress. The restaurant? Al Biernat’s. The buyer? A group led by long-time restaurateur Phil Cobb.

“I’m so glad you called,” says Al.  “Please kill this rumor for me. I’m only 55 and have a ten-year lease.”

Cobb’s group did make an offer on the restaurant and Biernat did consider it for a while. “I think that is how the rumor started,” says Al. Plus I’ve spent a lot of time at my home in Colorado and vacationing in Hawaii so people assumed I was on my way out. The group made me a very nice offer and they were very nice, but we are doing so well. I am definitely not selling. ”

Biernat has purchased another restaurant, The Mermaid Café, but it is in Creede, Colorado. His son plans to open a taqueria.

4 comments on “Rumors Behind the Restaurant News: Is Al Biernat Selling Out?

  1. Glad to hear Al’s sticking around a while longer.

    Oh, and it’s “Creede” Colorado, with an “e” on the end.

  2. I’m soooooo glad you squashed this rumor Nancy. As wonderful as Phil Cobb’s group is, losing Al Biernat as a Dallas restaurateur would be a travesty! Glad you are still with us Al! I’ll be by this weekend to celebrate.

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