Malai Thai Vietnamese Kitchen is Open in West Village

The former Tom Tom Noodle house has never looked better. No doubt the food will taste better. Opening today is Malai Thai Vietnamese Kitchen, a restaurant inspired by co-owner Braden Wages’ culinary travels through Southeast Asia. Cocktails were designed by the peripatetic mixologist Jason Kosmas.  The menu of co-owners Braden and Yasmin Wages’ kitchen and was developed by executive chef, Keith Cedotal, whose background includes the French Room and Park Restaurant. Go. Eat. Report.

7 comments on “Malai Thai Vietnamese Kitchen is Open in West Village

  1. Already went, every thing looks beautiful. The patio is cool, the people are pretty, so is the food. The food is looks hand crafted and lovely. The taste is not good. It is not much better than Tom Tom. My guess is that no one got an thai or Vietnamese person involved in the menu process.

  2. Did anyone really expect to get real authentic ethnic Asian food of any type in the West Village?
    If God wanted us to eat authentic Asian food in the West Village, he wouldn’t have created Garland.

  3. went for lunch last week. $18 for a worse tasting version of a mai’s dish.

  4. Not complaining about lack of authenticity nor the inflated prices. Rent is expensive in west village. Complaining about the taste or lack there of. I would love to lounge in their beautiful patio and enjoy the people watching. Decent food and good environment would trump inflated prices. Good patio does not trump bad food and expensive prices

  5. I disagree…I went in for dinner last week with my family and we had a great time! Not only is the place gorgeous, but the food is incredible. Its was so fresh and the flavors of my soup reminded me of my backbacking trip in Thailand. Its not what you’d find at Mai’s or Bangkok City… Its a totally different type of experience. Can’t wait to go back!

  6. I ate there in early Feb and these were my thoughts. This is delicious food with creative/artistic presention. It’s not your normal Asian joint.  The menu is limited compared to most Asian restaurants.  It’s not alot of food for the money. And it’s more expensive than most Asian restaurants. But go there for the vibe ambiance presentation and healthy tasty food and professional service and you will be glad you went!

  7. Went there for a late lunch Saturday. Food was outstanding – complex flavors with very fresh ingredients. The decor is beautiful, as noted, and the service was excellent. I haven’t been backpacking in Thailand, but if the food is like this I’d consider buying a ticket there (is it OK if I stay in a hotel?).