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Making Dallas Even Better

Sad News: The Bronx in Dallas is Closing

My mom is sitting in the other room reading the Dallas Morning News. Suddenly, she burst into tears. “Oh my god, The Bronx is closing!” I jumped on to Eats where La Brenner posts about Karen Robinson Jacobs’ report. Oh my god is right. I remember hanging out there when Stephan Pyles was the chef […]

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Shrine Circus Elephants Dine at the Dallas Farmers Market

Intrepid intern Katie Minchew ran away with the circus—for the afternoon. Read up on her adventures with the elephants at the Dallas Farmers Market: The Shrine Circus is in town at Fair Park Coliseum until Sunday. Yesterday, despite the unseasonably chilly weather, three of the show’s Asian elephants—Cindy, Betty, and Bo—presented a little side show […]

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Report: 2011 Dallas Pizza Tour

Last Saturday was the latest in a lengthening list of Dallas Foodie Tours: The 2011 Dallas Pizza Tour. Like the Burger, Taco, and Vegan tours that preceded the tour was the brainchild of Steven Doyle, best known as never having written for Dallas/Ft. Worth Construction News (ed note: The list of Dallas publications that Steve […]

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Second Take: Not Your Father’s Dragonfly

Recently Krista Nightengale reported on her visit to Dragonfly inside Hotel ZaZa in Uptown. Last week, I attended a press event and got to check out the renovated dining room and sample some of new chef  Dan Landsberg ‘s menu items. I wasn’t anonymous or paying so what follows is not a review. Rather it […]

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Prince William Chooses Dallas Chef Darren McGrady’s Recipe for His Wedding Cake

From 1993 until her death in 1997, Darren McGrady was Princess Diana’s personal chef. He helped her recover from bulimia and prepared William and Harry’s daily meals. He moved to Dallas in late 2003. I profiled McGrady in May 2004. Today McGrady is a busy dude. He’s a chef, author, culinary consultant, event planner, and […]

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