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That Old Familiar Longing Strikes Again—Thank Goodness for Gio’s Half-Sours

Word on the street is that Gio’s Deli is importing half-sour pickles from Carnegie Deli in NYC. As someone whose relationship to half-sours is borderline fanatical, and whose cell phone screen saver is a picture of her husband eating a half-sour (follow the jump if you don’t believe me), I am scarcely able to contain myself. In fact, the only news that could make me happier would be if they were importing them from Katz’s. For newbies to the deli scene, half-sours are a hard-to-find form of pickle that is extra crisp, bright green in color, not dill, more salty than vinegary, and generally only available in a real New York deli or on Delancey St. (Some companies have tried to jar them for the mass market, but the results are always a disappointment.)

What about you? What’s the food from your past—particularly reminiscent of a certain city—that you pine for?

I SO wasn't kidding.
  • EDub

    I’ve never had a half-sour, but it sounds kind of like the big pickles in the jar on the table at Bob’s, which I ADORE. Is that right?

  • joes.

    From your own Best of:
    Best Butcher Shop:
    Hirsch’s Specialty Meats and Sausages
    has then half sours too! Less than a buck each, and truly are the real deal!

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  • Frenchy

    NYC style half-sour pickles are available just about everywhere in Dallas. From Wholefoods and Central Market to Sprouts and Kuby’s.

  • Amy S

    American, or Home Fried Potatoes. Cooked until almost burnt.

  • SB

    Are you kidding??? These are the best hands down!!!

  • Al

    This deli is the real deal and best in town. This is just one of the things that make it a very good NYC deli replica. As close to authentic as you can get in Dallas. Food is amazing.