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Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Ladies Who Lunch Quietly

A concerned husband writes for advice. His wife needs your help. So, go.

My wife (40-something) is looking for a cool, “hip” restaurant for lunch.  She is taking her best friend out for the friend’s birthday.  Some place that they can have great food, great service, and talk without raising their voices.  Any suggestions?

Without raising their voices? Guess I’m not on the invite list.

21 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Ladies Who Lunch Quietly

  1. Short list of quiet spots I like:

    Sevy’s: Wood floors absorb the noise so great spot to be seen but not heard.

    Local: Quiet and small with an ever changing menu.

    Parigi: Intimate bistro with old favorites plus a daily menu that reflects what is available. Pray the coconut cream cake is being served.

    Suze: Where many of the chefs dine, quiet with a big menu in a small neighborhood location.

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  3. Lunch last week at Taverna was one of the loudest experiences ever. Perhaps these two ladies know sign language!

  4. I’m going to assume the recommendation for The Porch is a joke. That place is like a barnyard at lunch time. Way too loud.

  5. Fearings – great food, great service and relatively quite…will at least be able to hold a conversation without screaming

  6. I love the Porch but quiet it is not. I was nearly horse from screaming at my lunch mates last week.

  7. Salum is indeed divine.
    Pyramid Room in the Fairmont is great as well.
    Also try the Neiman Marcus Cafe downtown.

  8. Cafe Pacific…tables a little close but a great beautiful experience with everything almost perfect…

  9. Hands down – Rise. Great souffles, wine – fun atmosphere. Had a 3 hour lunch there over the holidays and they never made us feel like we needed to leave – of course we kept ordering souffles. it was fantastic.

  10. I would second Rise Souffle in Inwood Village. Very girly, and they might just spot former First Lady wots her name Bush – Laura!