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Making Dallas Even Better

That Old Familiar Longing Strikes Again—Thank Goodness for Gio’s Half-Sours

Word on the street is that Gio’s Deli is importing half-sour pickles from Carnegie Deli in NYC. As someone whose relationship to half-sours is borderline fanatical, and whose cell phone screen saver is a picture of her husband eating a half-sour (follow the jump if you don’t believe me), I am scarcely able to contain […]

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KRLD Restaurant Week 2010 Celebrates Record Charity Donation

After last August’s KRLD Restaurant Week/Month, I asked one of our interns to contact all of the restaurants that participated and conduct a brief survey. The results are here. I did this because most of the pre-event chatter among the trade was  negative. Many of the chefs and restaurateurs I’d spoken with were disappointed with […]

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Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Ladies Who Lunch Quietly

A concerned husband writes for advice. His wife needs your help. So, go. My wife (40-something) is looking for a cool, “hip” restaurant for lunch.  She is taking her best friend out for the friend’s birthday.  Some place that they can have great food, great service, and talk without raising their voices.  Any suggestions? Without […]

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Morton’s The Steakhouse Opens With the Cattle Baron’s Ball Entertainment Reveal Party

Our new editorial intern Katie Minchew braved crowds of socialites to attend last night’s Cattle Baron’s Ball Entertainment Reveal Party at the brand new Morton’s The Steakhouse. Take it away, Katie: Last night, the new McKinney and Pearl location of Morton’s The Steakhouse hosted a location-preview reception followed by the 2011 Cattle Baron’s Ball Entertainment […]

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First-Take Review of Komali—the Hits and the Misses

The setup: What you expect from Komali and what you get from Komali are not so much different as muted variations of each other. You expect a solid, flavorful, and surprising menu of items that, while you might not have heard of them before, are certain to be masterfully played at the hand of Uptown […]

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Attack of the Heart Attack Grill in Dallas

Ladies and gentlemen, and I use the terms loosely, it is officially raining burgers in Dallas. The latest twist on ground beef between two buns is Heart Attack Grill from Phoenix. I would have thought yesterday’s press release a joke if I hadn’t passed the original location in Phoenix a couple of years ago. Their […]

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