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Chef Kelly Hightower Punches Partner in Nova Dining Room

A well-informed, reliable Oak Cliff-dwelling person informed me that chef Kelly Hightower walked into the restaurant and punched one of his partners (“the dude who usually works the door”) around 7:30 pm on Friday night. “The guy’s face was all bloody,” says my secret source. “And the dining room was packed.” Talk of the incident is the buzz of conversation all over the OC. I contacted Hightower and he replied, “Nova has no comment at this time.”

20 comments on “Chef Kelly Hightower Punches Partner in Nova Dining Room

  1. Ah man! JD seems like such a nice dude! My instincts tell me this is girl-related.

    Hightower has also been seen making out with lady friends whilst diners dine.

  2. Weird – I was there at that time in the booth right by the door and didn’t see a thing! How did I miss it??

  3. Yeah agreed. People get mad, things happen. I’m not condoning anything but this is really not news.

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  5. Les it may not be news but it’s fun to read. Everybody is too serious. I wish I’d been there!

  6. It’s seems to fit the renegade style of the restaurant. Chefs are artist and can be a bit crazy. They will probably get more buzz for the place.

  7. That’s how the OC rolls. Next time a server is rude to me at Eno’s, I’m gonna backhand her and remind her that Bishop Arts is *still* in the OC, thankyouverymuch.

  8. In response to yeah…um—I was there and the facts are incorrect!! Do you go to Nova to enjoy the awesome cuisine that Chef Hightower executes from his kitchen or are you there to judge the ISOLATED unfortunate incident that occurred????

  9. God- talk about making a mountain out of a mole-hill. ‘downtowner’ you jest surely. Joints in OC are just as susceptible as anywhere.

    If anything, the service in OC is just as good if not better than anywhere else in Dallas. That includes Nova etc.

  10. @Patricia. So you are telling us the fight occurred but we shouldn’t pay attention because the facts are incorrect? Tell us what happened please. I love Nova and will continue to go but let’s hear what happened fro the chef to say no comment means sumpin happened.

  11. It was unfortunate for sure. I was there and saw it happen. The chef was uncool for his actions and that is that. Leave it there and get over it. The food is great at Nova and the atmosphere is even better. Even if they get rid of the chef (who was obviously not right for assaulting the other man) we will go there. It’s not only that chef who makes Nova amazing. In fact, it seems like the chef is walking around drinking way more than he is cooking when we are dining there.

  12. hahaha! @Jenny those are my observations exactly! He is always walking around, seemingly all wound up about something but shooting the shit with friends and stuff.

    I freaking love Nova! Kelly is part of what gives it character. I just hope it doesn’t implode on itself…

  13. I say we should have a charity rematch! give JD a chance to fight back for god sakes. All proceeds will go to Etiquette School for Eno’s waitresses.

  14. I tried to call to make a reservation and the phone just rang and rang. Now I know why.