Vote for the Best New Chef of the Southwest

Casey Thompson and Tim Byres (photos by Kevin Marple)

Food & Wine must have read our Best of Big D issue last year. They’re taking their annual Best New Chef award to the people and asking readers to vote for who they think is the top chef of each region, calling it the People’s Best New Chef 2011. Good idea. And though Austin gets a lot of love in the Southwest region (four out of the ten chefs listed), we have two of DFW’s top talents in the running: Tim Byres of Smoke and Casey Thompson of Brownstone. The winner will be profiled in the July issue of F&W. Wanna vote? Go here and show our homegrown talent the love.

4 comments on “Vote for the Best New Chef of the Southwest

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  2. Casey Thompson is getting away with serving unimaginative, mediocre food in a poorly designed restaurant (with an ill-conceived name and unfitting name) simply because she’s typically attractive and is a haughty attention-seeker. When will people wake up?