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Salad Dressing Scandal: Houston’s in Addison Denies Customer an Extra Serving

What is going on around here? First a restaurant won’t split a large bill for a table of eleven, now comes word that Houston’s in Addison won’t put dressing on the side. This note from a long-time Houston’s customer just popped up in my inbox:

Me: “I’d like my dressing on the side.”
Server:  “We don’t do sides of dressing anymore, we make the dressing with the salad.”
Me: “Oh.”

[Salad is served]

Server: “How’s your salad?”
Me:  “Kind of bland, can I get some more dressing?”
Server:  “I’m sorry they [kitchen] only make the dressing when they make the salad.”
Me:  “But it’s a $14 salad.”

REALLY? On Valentine’s Day? MAKE SOME MORE.

  • Ed Poe

    Houston’s has the gastronomical elegance of a Chili’s combined with the heart and soul of an airport Hampton Inn two years past its remodel date. Managed by accountants and corporate drones who think lemon in ice water is an indicator of fine dining.

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  • chefjordy

    That Houston’s/Hillstone place has pissed me off for years with the $15 club salad, no kid’s menu, 45 minute wait at 4pm, $13 martini, etc. I feel like the staff is snickering at the patrons for putting up with it all.

  • Drew

    “Hillstone” on Preston most definitely serves their dressing on the side. I just had a salad there recently and it was served just as asked.

  • Wes Mantooth

    Apparently the last few years have been so good to the restaurant industry that shabby treatment of the hoards of customers has become de rigeur at some establishments.

  • scarpettafan214

    Then “me” should respond “Then take this salad back and send the manager please.” News of this person’s experience is saddening. I’ve never had anything but great service and food at Houston’s/Hillstone in the past.

  • Dorothy Mantooth

    Houston’s/Hillstone consistently wins service staff of the year in D Magazine. That’s why mistakes made by human waiters are worth writing about in here. Your high school waiter at your usual table at Chili’s wouldn’t have given a shit, but the one time you visited Houston’s on V-Day, you were appalled that a restaurant has standards for its food.

    @Chefjordy – there is a reason there is a 45 minute wait at 4pm, and its because there are plenty of people who will gladly pay $15 for a club salad that good.

  • bigtex

    Does Wes know you are doing the google today darling?

  • Dallas Guy

    Chef-they do have a kids menu all you have to do is ask. The one in the Park Cities does put dressing on the side.

  • Scagnetti

    I try and eat healthy so when I order a salad I ask for the dressing, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers on the side.

  • Jackson41

    I had the same problem but I think it’s only their asian chicken salad because my wife had honey mustard on the side for her club salad. I’m not too worried about the salads though because they have the best ribs in Dallas.

  • Marcus

    The best ribs in Dallas? Really?

  • Twinwillow

    Never had any kind of problem at Houston’s/Hillstones.
    They’re still top notch in my book.

  • Twinwillow

    Whenever I go to a restaurant with a group or just a friend, we always ask to have our meal on separate checks right from the get go. It’s never been a problem.

  • Twinwillow

    Sorry, my above post was meant to go somewhere else.

  • cp

    At Bob’s, they ask you when you irder if you want the dressing in the salad or on the side.

  • MC

    Jackson 41 is right, the Asian Chicken Salad now has a dressing that is made fresh with each salad. They will bring you extra peanut sauce with that salad though if you want to add a little extra something.

  • cp

    Can somebody tell the DMN that nobody is going to pay to read Leslie Brenner’s stupid reviews? I would but I canceled my subscription last month, now I gotta subscribe and pay to log on to complain!