Casting Call: Television Opportunity for DFW Chefs

Are you a chef looking for fame and fortune? Then give Rebecca Reczek a call. Hear her pitch:

My name is Rebecca, and I’m a Supervising Casting Producer working on an amazing food-related series for Major Cable Network. We are looking for talented, cutting edge, hard-core chefs, “MacGyver” types, who can hold their own while cooking in extreme elements. We are looking nation wide for chefs, male and females, to compete on our new series. Specifically, we are in search of fearless, hard-core, adventure-type chefs – those with tons of confidence with an edge to them (may even have tattoos or mohawks, ex-military, etc.).  Every episode will feature 3 new chefs that have yet to be on any other TV culinary show and will go head-to-head against each other and the clock for the title of, Extreme Chef and monetary prize.  We are looking for MacGuyver-types!

Are you a MacGuyver-style chef looking for an opportunity? Is so, Rebecca’s number is 818-321-4756.

6 comments on “Casting Call: Television Opportunity for DFW Chefs

  1. This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. Just freaking cook. “What we want are sauciers who can hang upside from monkey bars naked while they scrape up the fond.” Sounds like a bunch of 8th graders have been brainstorming.

  2. @southerngirl – really? this guy has been pining for TV forever. He’s the perfect tv guy – controversial, so many people don’t like him, he is a good chef, he’s known to be volitile and a huge jerk. That’s good TV. He’s not even that bad looking except he has really bad teeth – so why not put him on tv?