31 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. Sat – dinner at Stephan Pyles. Duck confit over seafood/rice mixture was outstanding, and place was packed until at least 11. Celeb-chef Todd English was there. “Contemporary smores” dessert rocked.
    Wed – lunch at Taco Barracho on Pacific. Great, fresh tacos and killer salsa
    Thurs – lunch at Lockhart BBQ. Excellent shoulder clod and jalapeno sausage.

  2. Thursday ~ Dinner at Neighborhood Services Bar & Grill on Henderson.
    Tempura fried asparagus-wow!
    Filets of trout breaded with panko and done Milanese style-double wow!

  3. Went a little crazy this week and had two belated birthday celebrations at Oishi on Tuesday night and Mi Cocina on Wednesday night. Both great! Steamed Pork Dumplings and a Spicy Tuna Roll at Oishi (soo yummy) and Tortilla Soup (and of course the famous chips and salsa…yum!)and a skinny margarita at Mi Cocina. Delicious all around :)

  4. Well Twinwillow, great minds think alike… I also went to Neighborhood Services (though I went on Wednesday and I went to the newer location on Preston & Royal). I had the scallops with cheddar polenta… delicious. But I must say that the butterscotch pot du creme was the standout. My lord… heaven would be something like the ability to eat that all day every day and not gain weight or become diabetic. Simply phenomenal.

  5. Brisket sandwich at Smoke – worth the drive from North Dallas.

    B.E.E. – Ciudad Enchilada (on premise) delicious and spicy. Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas (takeout for teenager) were declared best ever (by teenager).

    The Idle Rich – sibling bar The Old Monk does the cheese platter better. Plus they have the Purple Jesus.

  6. We tried both lunch and dinner at Zanata in old town Plano. The place is cool, and the food is wonderful. Exactly what our part of town needed!

  7. G2G Taco-Chupacabra Taco was delicious. The braised goat was moist and loaded with flavor. Pearl Couscous cooked with onions and red peppers complimented the rich meat and the feta cheese cut through the sauce perfectly.

  8. Grabbed the Hotlanta taco at Good 2 Go Taco earlier this week, which was like the state fair in a tortilla (read: delicious), and I’m heading out to Oak Cliff for more taco treats today.

  9. Lunch at Komali. The service was slightly sketchy (waited at least 20 minutes for queso fundido). The Chile relleno de jaiba was outstanding.

  10. Family birthday dinner at Japon. Cheesy jokes and greasy hibachi with a chance that a knife will fly off and stick you in the eye…can’t go wrong with that!

  11. Japon actually has delicious sushi. Their jazz roll is salty, creamy bliss.

    The Londoner Plano last night. A great addition to Watter’s Creek. The Chicken & Chips, Steak & Ale Pie, and Sticky Toffee pudding were all delicious (as usual).

  12. @pickles…. Give them some time. They have only been open for a week, and the soft opening was very brief.

    Go back in a few weeks. I’ll guarantee Abraham will have everything in order.

    Cheers for trying a new place!!!

  13. Komali, twice, Saturday and Monday; 1st night, queso fundido with chorizo, mexican meatballs, and chile relleno, and margarita, all great,nice atmosphere. Monday, tamal appetizer, was great, seafood soup (prepared a little salty,be prepared), queso fundido with peppers, and the chocolate cake, flan (wonderful, not to be missed).
    Preston’s on Thursday night, black cod, and the vegetable plate, piano music, and half price on all wines, wow; what a nice evening. Highly recommend.

  14. As a new Dallasite I finally tried this El Fenix place in Plano. Frankly, I was not impressed by the food(enchilada’s). It has a cheap vibe to it and the restaurant, IMO, was filthy. I will not be back.
    Abacus was really just awful. I do not understand why this restaurant is so adored in Dallas. This is my second time and I just can’t see myself suffering through a third time.
    Lucia was just okay. There is a strange energy there that I cannot place, but everyone there seemed too formal and unhappy. The gnocchi was excellent though.
    Stepped next door to Dude, Sweet. I don’t ‘get’ it.
    The next day we went to lunch at Zanata and I had a much better experience. Clean, happy and the food was delicious.

  15. Neighborhood Services – great flat bread – we ordered pretty much one of each!

    ShinSei to go- everything was perfect – especially the spring rolls!

    Nosh last night – really wonderful meal. The bibb salad was one of the best salads I’ve ever had in Dallas. French onion soup was so perfect on a chilly night. Pork shoulder was amazing! The sauce had such depth and the grapes were a great touch.

  16. Tei An for lunch today. The food was good, but the trip to the bathroom was the best experience I have had in a ladies room, ever. Can’t wait to go back.

  17. Eli you nailed it about Lucia. I am thinking the words over rated and odd energy fit the bill well. I have been several times and its the same stuff and not well seasoned. Not the innovation that some have mentioned and very average.

    On the other hand we hit Nonna and Suze. Both were excellent.

  18. Komali tonight and I have never done this, But this place is soooooo average.. I really like to support the chef driven but this place was, well soooooooooo average!!!!!!

  19. Had a fabulous early Valentine’s dinner at Nosh last night. Lamb chop special had the most divine butternut squash puree. Hubby had the veal cheeks – to die for. We finished with the Tart Tatin. It definitely deserves it’s rating as one of the best desserts in town.

  20. Dinner Sun night at Capital Grill. Calamari was not great-kinda soggy, French onion soup was excellent! Delmonico bone in rib eye surprisingly lacked flavor. Service was excellent. Dinner Friday night Pho Bang in Garland. Had their Bun with grilled pork and eggroll and shared beef pho with round steak and meatball. Way outstanding. Wed night dinner at Malai Kitchen in W Village. Very Pricy but tasty viet/Thai dishes with creative presentation. Would go back

  21. Friday night: Patrizio’s, chicken lasagna was great, as always.
    Saturday night: Victor Tangos, AMAZING lamp lollipops and ahi tuna nachos. They never disappoint.
    Sunday brunch: Crossroads Diner, hard biscuits, undercooked veggies, grits that looked and tasted like rice, and really disappointing all around. Won’t be back.

  22. Komali was great – poblano cream soup was wonderful, along with the pozole, albondigas, crab stuffed chile relleno and churros. Also, don’t miss the tamarind margarita.

  23. @B_funk: I totally hear you on that. In fact, I didn’t really want to go so early after their opening. I adore Salum and know in my heart that it was just a hiccup. I should have stated that above. I will definitely be back.

  24. Dinner Saturday at Maximo’s. Really looked forward to the meal but everything was lackluster (chile rellano) – except the guacamole and drinks. Perhaps it was the special Valentine’s menu? Just meh for the cost.