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19 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Person: Dim Sum on Sunday

  1. JS Chen DimSum and BBQ
    240 Legacy Drive
    Plano, TX 75023

    Even the notoriously picky Leslie Brenner loves it.

  2. Kirin Court… I disagree about the quality of Hong Kong Royal, It may be less crowded, but not nearly as good.

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  4. I would have to second Hong Kong Royal. They have a great chef and easily blows away either Maxims or Kirin Court.

  5. I LIVE for Kirin Court on Sundays. It’s so yum. I looked far and wide for a good Dim Sum place when I moved here from Miami and once I found Kirin Court I stopped looking.

  6. I am with Kirin Court. I really like Hong Kong Royal, but not for weekend service. Kirin still has the largest and more unusual selection (and longest wait) but all worth while and high on my rec list.

    Hong Kong is better for weekday or evenings where they serve fresh off a menu. For the new-to-dim sum it is a great way to try a few dozen items without the fear of unknown since Hong Kong speaks pretty good English and can guide you.

  7. And IMHO Chens blows. I have noted many bad meals there in the past and consider the restaurant inconsistent and lacking.

  8. I wouldn’t say that any of them blows the others away. They all have different strengths.

    Kirin Court does some things well but it can be hard to get what you want. Hong Kong Royal is mostly pretty good but I was unimpressed by a couple of their offerings although I forget the details. JS Chen’s does a decent sui mai iirc but their har gow wasn’t very good. Haven’t been to Maxim’s in a long time. I would just pick one and go and try not to have particularly high expectations.

  9. It’s all frozen stuff here in Dallas. just go to super H mart, and buy their frozen stuff and make it yourself

  10. @big: doubt most if any frozen. if you sincerely think it is we can visit them. Send Uncle nacy a note and we can meet at Kirin for an expose.

    @drew: the spinach har gow is sincrely good at HKR and wish I could post several pics here that would make everyones mouths water.

    I will be willing to buy LB dinner at any dim sum location and contrast and compare to JS Chin. She has my cell number.

  11. Just about every time I’ve been to JS Chen’s has been incredibly disappointing with inedible food. I wouldn’t even recommend them place to my worst enemy, and I’d honestly consider to the buffet dim sum place nearby Jeng Chi before going back to Chen’s. The best things I had there were picked up to-go during non dim sum hours.

    I say that Kirin is below HKR due to several poor experiences in a row early last year that have left me with little desire to return. luniz, I could see where you’re saying that it can be hard to get what you want at Kirin, and that’s a big part of why why I like HKR as they’re happy to make anything on the dim sum menu to order if there’s something you want but don’t see it on a cart.

  12. Our group of friends had dim sum at Maxims on Sunday morning. Nothing at all impressed me as being anything more than just, average. I won’t return.

    The best dim sum in Texas is at T&S Seafood in Austin.