Second Coming: Cane Rosso to Open in Dallas on February 14

This just in from Jay Jerrier:

Just a quick note to say that Cane Rosso in Deep Ellum at 2612 Commerce is planning to officially open for business on 2/14.  We’ll be open for lunch starting at 11:30am and will go until the dough runs out for Valentine’s Day.  The restaurant phone number for reservations is 214-741-1188. We will not have a tricked up fixed menu – just our regular every day menu. We anticipate that we’ll have our beer/wine license by Monday, but if not, we will open as BYOB and will have NO corkage fees.  Hope to see you all in soon!  Menu: Cane Rosso Deep Ellum.

19 comments on “Second Coming: Cane Rosso to Open in Dallas on February 14

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  2. “We anticipate that we’ll have our beer/wine license by Monday” – good thing he didn’t say which Monday with TABC involved. Good luck – hope the pizza is as good as has been reported.

  3. Various charcuteries(zampone,lardo,nduja,lonzino) are prominently displayed on the front page of the menu. It also looks like he has a large pig/charcuterie mural on the wall. Yet the only interesting cut I see on the pizzas is sopressata. Do the rest of these meats show up somewhere else on the menu other than a commonplace salumi plate, or is he just jumping on the trendy porcine bandwaggon? What’s with all the pig propaganda, Jay?

  4. Cane Rosso never ‘requires’ reservations – but we do take them. 214-741-1188 is our main number.

    On the pigs, I just like the way they looked and they do reflect a lot of what will end up on our pies – soppressata, pancetta, lardo, prosciutto, finnocchiona, guanciale, and even n’duja. Because we can’t procure large volumes from our suppliers, they’ll be on rotating pies. Others will be on a salumi plate periodically or end up
    in a pasta or sandwich depending on what we can get/make.

    If you come in – just ask and I’ll tell you how we ended up with the pig mural…it’s semi-interesting and has local ties.

  5. Jay, sounds good to me. Perhaps after things settle after the opening, you can experiment with curing and preserving in house. That’d solve the supplier problem! Best of luck next week.

  6. Attention: Jay just took a dump!

    Jeez, we all like Jay and Cane Rosso, but stop sweating the guy so much, it’s unbecoming of you NN.

  7. Man, someone champions a brand new small, local restaurant/business and people beetch. If more local restauranteurs & chefs kept Nancy up-to-date, I’m sure she’d right about them too. (Just like she did for Alma.) In order to have a vibrant, locally owned, cool, interesting, etc. dining scene, we have to be supportive of said scene. Who wants to open a business in a town of Negative Nellies and their curmudgeon counterparts?

  8. I’m extremely happy for the updates, however, it makes me sad that Jay won’t be open this weekend. My wife commutes out of town each week, and we anticipated that this weekend we could finally walk to the place that serves some of the best pizza anywhere.

    That being said, I’ll be there Monday without her. Tough break. Maybe I’ll bring my girlfriend since it’s Valentines Day.

  9. @lay off, give me a break, NN is the biggest sh*t starter around here, just a little fun ribbing.

  10. Geez thanks Nancy.

    Bad news for us, but good news for everyone else…we won’t have our liquor license til Tuesday. Valentine’s is BYOB with no corkage fees!

  11. I didn’t check back soon enough – so, I missed out on calling, Jay. Wife will be gone for two weeks (I forgot), so if you’re making test pizzas on Sunday…

    We stopped by Urban Crust last night for a pizza fix, and they were very good, but not as good as the mobile Cane Rosso, and I’m sure the new stationary oven will be even better than the one on wheels.

    I’m definitely swinging by on Monday, but the girlfriend won’t be with me, unless the patio is dog friendly.