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Food Nerd News: Ancient Beer Found in Shipwreck! Let’s Name It!

I’m sure if you’re a beer freak you read the news about the “five bottles of dark, foamy beer” found while divers were salvaging champagne from a19th century shipwreck near Finland’s Aland Islands. The beer is being studied and there are plans to brew the beer. I think we should have a contest to name the beer. Read the story and submit a name below. GO.

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  • Me!

    Seaman’s Delight!

  • mm

    Smooth Finnish?

  • bill holston

    IHME means ‘wonder’, ‘miracle’, ‘marvel’ in Finish.

    Or we could go for the Houston Market and name it:
    Finland LITE

  • cecil mcdermit

    Dirk Pitt’s Deep Six Ale

  • Andrew Chalk

    Nuki Brown

  • michael

    the drunken shipwreck………

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  • Borborygmus

    Mehu kaktus|fi|Juice%20of%20the%20cactus

  • Justin B.

    -Scurvy Kicker

    -First Mate’s Sunken Reserve

    -Stowaway Stout

  • daniel

    Obviously name it Shipwreck.

  • Stephen Edmondson

    Drunken Treasure

  • Matt S

    Diversity Porter (a-la Anchorman)


    Davey Jones Lager

  • Kirk

    Beck Finn

  • MP

    Lagan Lager

  • Evan Grant


    Hole in the Hull

    Jules Verne’s Pale Ale

    20,000 Kegs Beneath the Sea

    Finlandia (oops, taken)

    200-year-old crud

  • joe mama

    davy jones locker

  • TLS

    Call it “Ishmael”.

  • Hannibal Lecter

    Since when is the 19th Century “ancient”?

  • John

    Aland beer

  • yaman

    antebrew/ antebru or something…

  • John

    Sampo Beer

  • JI

    @Matt S …awesome: Davey Jones Lager

  • Eero

    Pure Aland beer

  • cp

    LOL @ 200 year old crud!

  • Jon

    Agreed.. Matt S’s “Davey Jones Lager!” is classic

  • Scagnetti

    Captain Ned’s Raging Queen Ale.

    First Mate Spunk Lager.

  • Evan Grant

    I have to give it to Matt, too. Though I really do like Icebeerg.

  • ZachPadilla

    Salty Seamen

  • James T

    Davey Jones Lager takes the cake but if the yeast type is different then it could possibly be a “new type” of beer set apart from lager or ale.

  • Timothy Reed

    Since it will be nasty and skunky name it Stella Artois.