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Restaurant Review: Campisi’s Egyptian Lounge

Sausage and peppers. photo by Kevin Marple.

If the walls of this iconic Dallas restaurant could talk, we would certainly know more about its colorful history than its Wikipedia page relays. Founded by Joseph Campisi in 1946, the dark  and dingy spot is well-known for two of its former customers: Jack Ruby (who allegedly dined here the night before he killed Oswald) and Rick Wyll, a famous Jewish hit man. Hence, rumors of mob connections have swirled around the restaurant for more than 50 years. I’ve never looked good in cement shoes, so I’ll go on the record as saying the pizza at the Egyptian is still some of the best in town. The familiar oval shape is always delivered piping hot. The sausage and peppers? Not so much. Jump for more.

5 comments on “Restaurant Review: Campisi’s Egyptian Lounge

  1. I really don’t get Dallas’s obsession with Campisi’s. The pizza is terrible. Is is just that people have been deprived of quality pizza for so long that even the mediocre seems great? I am just befuddled.

  2. Campisi’s is the worst restaurant. Pizza, Pasta…all terrible. The red sauce must be canned. I don’t get it.