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Restaurant Rant, Cont.: What Cuisine is Dallas’ Strong Suit?

Yesterday we learned from Leslie Brenner that Tex-Mex is not Dallas’ strong suit. We have steak houses, but so does every other city in America. Home cooking? Sushi? Burgers? Cupcakes? New American? I’m so confused. So, dear snow-bound Dishers, take a moment to think this through. What cuisine is our strong suit?

  • SAM

    When my daughter returned from South Asia last summer, the first thing she wanted was fajitas. Then, she had to have a barbecue sandwich.

    Some of our family now lives in the U.K. and they miss the tex-mex, especially the fresh tortillas and margaritas.

    When I come home after extended time away I hit up the taqueria and then, a day or so later, go to Babe’s for a chicken fried steak.

  • JakeH

    As a native Dallasite who went to school in New York and Chicago, I always missed Tex-Mex. Even Taco Bueno is better than the crud they sell up north.

    Leslie Brenner is Batsh*t Insane!

  • DGirl

    I’m so late to the party here. To answer Gastronome’s question – I hit Mia’s or Chuy’s post haste. And I agree with so many who’ve said – don’t focus on what we aren’t, focus on what we are. I sure wish someone would have done an exit survey of all the Super Bowl visitors to get their insights, such as: where did you eat? what was your favorite experience in NoTex? Was this your first visit to Dallas? Did your perception of Dallas change after spending time here? etc. etc.

  • Twinwillow

    Tex-Mex for sure. When I first arrived in Dallas from New Yawk back in ’63, I soon became addicted to huge combo Tex-Mex plates at places like El Fenix and El Chico. To this day I’m still addicted to cheese enchiladas with chili con carne sauce and extra onions and cilantro.