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Restaurant Rant: Leslie Brenner Falls Off Her Rocker Again

Dallas has a rich history of Tex-Mex. El Fenix opened in 1918. photo courtesy of El Fenix.

I know Leslie Brenner works hard and I swore to myself that I would quit pointing to things she writes that I consider odd or wrong. However, my brain snapped into a million fragments as I read her column on where Super Bowl fans can dine without a reservation.

After touting Tei-An and steakhouses she writes:

“If you’re looking for a place with another kind of serious Texas flavor, charge right past the Tex-Mex spots you’ll see all over town; Tex-Mex is not Dallas’ strong suit.”

What is she smoking? Seriously? El Fenix has been open since 1918. Tex-Mex is not our strong suit? When did we become the hotbed for soba noodles and octopus salad? Don’t get me wrong, we have excellent Japanese restaurants. But are they our strong suit. If so, why have I spent the last several days answering e-mails from visiting media members looking for hole-in-the-wall Tex-Mex and margaritas. I have to go outside and find some ice to slip on. Leslie, you can catch up on the history and significance of Tex-Mex in Dallas here. Or at least talk to Kim Pierce. Charge right past? Oh, my.

  • Robin

    If you’re going to talk about strong suits of Dallas cuisine, El Fenix shouldn’t be involved at all. It’s passable, decent Tex Mex that is very much overpriced. But Pappacito’s, Mi Cocina, etc, are all great.

  • slade

    Go Nancy!!! I love my Tex Mex here in Dallas