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Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Where to Eat in Houston

A nice man in Pittsburgh writes to SideDish to find out where he can eat in Houston. Yes, he knows his Steelers are playing in the SuperBowl and he is well aware of the fact that the game is not in Houston. His job is sending him to Houston and he wants recommendations on where to eat. He is staying downtown. Hit it.

14 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Where to Eat in Houston

  1. Just moved here — to Houston, I mean. Indika is outstanding Indian food close in on Westheimer, and Caffe Bello is Tony Vallone’s latest. Ninfa’s on Navigation is said to have made a comeback near its glory days. Madras Pavilion on Kirby near Southwest Freeway has wonderful Indian vegetarian food. Breakfast Klub at 3711 Travis for breakfast. Reef is supposed to be great and expensive seafood. Zelko Bistro in the Heights is a top new place. Pappas Bros and Goode Co. are reliable.

  2. If I could only have one dinner in Houston, I’d do the chef’s menu at Feast.

    It’s oyster season! Gilhooley’s rocks, but it’s a hell of a trip from downtown. I usually go to Captain Tom’s or Captain Benny’s. Both restaurants are smaller Houston chains with many locations.
    Consult this post for oysters as well…

    Assuming sky is the limit, just take your pick… Catalan (New American)
    Reef (seafood)
    Kata Robata (Japanese)
    Stella Sola (North Italian, owned by same people as Reef. Arguably best charcuterie program in Houston)
    T’afia (new American/slow food-ish, think something similar to York Street)
    Hugo’s (Mexican)
    Da Marco (Italian)
    Indika (Indian)
    Vic & Anthony’s (Steakhouse).

    Vietnamese is a big strength in Houston too. I like Que Huong (for all around solid food), bun bo hue at Kim Chau, pho at Pho Binh, banh mi at Les Givral’s (the place on Milam, not the Kahve one!) or Don Cafe.

    BBQ: Boogie’s or Pierson’s.

    Into cocktails? Stop by Anvil, just be prepared for a lethal wait during peak hours.

    Craft beer: Petrol Station, Anvil. Beaver’s or BRC if you need food.

  3. Typing faster than I think and made a mistake, whoops. Catalan is a Spanish/tapas type place, not New American.

  4. air, is Que Huong the same (semi-)chain (not-that-there’s-anything-wrong-with-that) that’s here in Dallas? I like it too for a convenient lunch, and am just curious how (deservedly) successful they are.

    I’m also wondering what the consensus is on Brennan’s. I haven’t eaten there in decades, but I heard they remodeled, and were trying to regain their glitter.

  5. Feast (British, Fergus Henderson-type food)
    Ibiza (Spanish inspired)
    Reef (Gulf Coast seafood inspired)
    All near downtown, near where Westheimer begins. Plus you can swing by Spec’s liquor store and weep on the way!

  6. I always like Mo Mong in Montrose for a bit more trendy Vietnamese atmosphere (CRAZY on Wednesday Martini nights).

    I also love Barnaby’s in Montrose for casual food.