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Making Dallas Even Better

Dakota’s in Downtown Dallas is About to Get Groovy

Lincoln Properties has always been the force behind Dakota’s, the subterranean restaurant on Akard. They still are but they’ve hired NL Group, a restaurant management group run by Tim McEneny to poof up the place. You know Tim. He’s given us such hot spots as Dragonfly, Obar, Lift Lounge, and Dish. Now, he’s going to wave a magic wand over Dakota’s and make it sing.

“We are going to do some unique things to the space,” says McEneny. “The outdoor patio with the waterfall will be enhanced with a tent and live music.” They also plan to create a private dining space and reconfigure some of the indoor seating. The menu will be simplified by chef Doug Brown. There will still be steaks but other items will be updated and the two-page list of options reduced to one. “We aren’t going to close the restaurant for construction,” says McEneny. “But you will see changes by April 1.”

The biggest change will come in the bar. Happy hour will feature sexy cocktails and a sophisticated wine-by-the glass program. And there will be music. And wonderful roses. Good news for downtowners.

  • DMBurrows

    Excited about this. Have always loved Dakota’s. Lots of great memorable dinners there. And the historic fact of why it is located underground.

  • KitchenDoor

    Very good news!! I love that patio with the waterfall.

  • foodiesnob

    Great news!! But, thinking if LPC and McEneny don’t hire solid PR people like Bill Armstrong (Saint Anne & Toulouse) or Lindsey Miller (Bolsa & Smoke) or Andrea Alcorn, if she’s still around, then I’m afraid the message will just get lost.

  • Cassie

    @foodiesnob- who needs PR people when one can have Sidedish for free?

  • dbc

    Why do people keep hiring Tim M to run restaurants? He is a terrible, terrible human being with a horrible reputation and bad business sense. Doesn’t pay vendors, staff, etc…why anyone would hire him to run something is beyond me.

  • Knows

    Lindsey is no longer associated with Smoke or Bolsa.

  • JohnM

    Dear Foodiesnob,

    Have you eaten at Saint Anne? To hire anyone associated with that operation would be the kiss of death – the food is horrendous.

  • Borborygmus

    @ dbc – He’ll be perfect for Lincoln. This makes me sad.

  • sarah

    Dish is dead the food is horrible and the restaurant decor is cheaply made. Dakota’s has been dead for years I doubt that they will be able to turn it around when their own restaurant is dead.@foodiesnob, a restaurant’s success does not depend on the PR people.

  • America

    Tim M is a great operator with a lengthy background. He may be insensitive and LOUD but somehow he remains to be successful!

  • dutch

    sexy cocktails? gimme a break. stick with the overused hand crafted.

  • Bill Armstrong

    Thanks for the shout-out foodiesnob. However, I have never handled Saint Anne.

  • Lindsey Miller

    @foodiesnob – Very gracious of you to mention my name among two of The Greats in Dallas – Bill & Andrea. I am humbled. One correction @knows, I am still associated with SMOKE & Bolsa.

  • TK

    All I can say is “If you want your restaurant to close down, hire Tim McEneny” It’s not about helping you, it’s about using you to benefit himself. Is it worth losing it all??????

  • slade

    well I live a block away, lets just hope something good comes out of it.