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Tom Spicer Loses His Garden

Some disappointing news from our favorite spice man Tom Spicer:

The first of the concrete companies have showed up at my FM 1410 garden to measure how much concrete will be needed to pave it over. If you’ve ever been to this neighborhood to shop at Jimmy’s or my store or Urbano, you know that parking is a real big problem.

So now my garden landlords (different than the one I lease the retail storefront.) Jack Kemp, Karen and Robert Udishen see there’s some real potential money to be made with a parking lot.

They own several empty lots in this neighbor hood but the closest one to Jimmy’s is my garden so…Any way…I’m hoping to hold a few fundraisers so I can buy an urban parcel to cultivate.

I will also probably relocate my business as well and return to wholesale only as Urbano, who I as keeper of the keys at 1410 N. Fitzhugh, all but installed them into both spaces on either side after they closed their Uptown location due high rent and sluggish economy have been licking their chops at the deck I put in which will ultimately overlook a smashing new parking lot.

I’m keeping it brief because I have lots to consider including where I’m going to go from here.

Oh…and Jack Kemp didn’t have the huevos to call me about this new twist. The concrete company sent a rep to walk off my garden dimensions, how bout them apples, Dallas. Keepin real spicy y’all and will let you know how things develop.

I think this is job for SideDish. We’ll get something going for you Spice Man. You are a treasure to the city.

UPDATE: Robert Wilonsky has a few more details.

27 comments on “Tom Spicer Loses His Garden

  1. I’m in. Sign me up to picket, work a petition, go on a hunger strike . . . wait, not that one . . . pass the plate. Whatever. This sucks. And I’d rather take a bus to Jimmy’s then park on that sacred ground.

  2. This is so upsetting. Maybe some sort of membership loyalty program would help raise funds…

  3. This would have never happened if Urbano would have leased the space recently occupied “you can’t park here you dirty gringo” latino grocery.

    Sad days indeed.

  4. As I’ve said before, the greediest landowners and landlords in the country are right here in Dallas.

  5. That’s effed up. I’ll certainly never patronize any such future inhabitant of that location.

  6. Is this the same Robert Udishen that D named as one of the “best” lawyers in Dallas in 2009?

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  8. Spiro is so right. Just stop going to Jimmy’s for a few months, and that would get their attention, but Dallas would never have the balls to do such a thing.

  9. Tom, we’re up and moving to Austin. You should too. I’ll need fennel pollen, and that crap won’t happen to you there. You’ll be appreciated.

  10. So very sad….I think Joni said it best, ” They pave paradise, put up a parking lot.”

  11. Spiro and Pasta Lover- A couple of clueless “foodies”. Jimmys has nothing to do with this. They don’t own the land of the “Garden” and have nothing to do with any parking and oh yeah they’ve been there 40 years. But that”s just like Spicer to throw a neighbor under bus yet again and morons like you that believe what this gut spews.

  12. Bill Wiess is correct. This is a total con. Paving the garden ( not true). A fundraiser, for what, he dosen’t have a lease, not even a new location with a lease. Who would give money to someone with that in mind. The fundraiser sounds like a way to pay old bills. Buyer beware.

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  14. Does anyone want to apologize, after learning that this story was total bull, for:
    1. Calling for a boycott of Jimmy’s
    2. Blaming Urbano
    3. Calling the landlord greedy
    4. Hating on the little grocery store
    I’m looking at you, Spiro, Twinwillow, Marcus and especially Tom Spicer for pointing the finger at his neighbors (or giving the finger, I should say) rather than accept responsibility for his business problems. Garden’s very cool, but the behavior is not.