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World Piece Cafe is History. Rene Peeters Opens Bistro Watel’s in Dallas

I just got a GTalk telling me Christopher Wynn got a message on Facebook and posted a story with a link to breaking news over at PegNews. Apparently Rene Peeters, owner of World Piece Cafe on Greenville Ave., likes Teresa Gubbins the best. She has the scoop of the day. Peeters is taking over the restaurant space formerly know as York Street and turning it into Watel’s Bistro.

He admits his restaurant, World Piece Café, is a confusing name for a restaurant. Is it the stupidest name in the world? Name another.

  • smart alex

    “Off-site Kitchen”….IJS

  • Borborygmus

    Hillstone. What the “*#$&)” were they thinking?

  • Kensho


  • Beda

    Neighborhood Services (sounds like a personal shopper outfit.

    French Laundry.

  • mike

    i agree with Hillstone. just silly. the thing we always liked about houston’s was, above all, CONSISTENCY. well, WTF. with that name change, huh? that is NOT being consistent.

    neighborhood services is growing on me. hell, with food that good… they could call it *?!@#!!?!*?.

  • TLS

    Whataburger. No class.

  • JI

    In-N-Out Burger…juvenile.

  • Old Guy

    Fuzzy’s Taco

  • JI

    sorry, forgot the 😉 after that…it was sarcastic.

  • Brandon

    Meddlesome Moth is getting bad feedback. Anytime I say that name I get bird neck from whoever is listening.

  • Brandon

    Just the name. The place is great. Don’t want to start any riots.

  • T Henderson

    The Place at Perry’s – though the name does match the restaurant…un-original

  • FortWorthGuy

    How about a minor change…Whirled Peas Cafe? OK…I know….I too saw the bumper sticker.

  • René

    Hello Nancy,

    hmmmm…I thought you and I were kinda friendly, but you ask: “Is it the stupidest name in the world? ” I hope that’s a Q and not a statement… and oh yea,no, I don’t like T.G. the best (but don’t tell her I said so), she just happened to call me first; hence, she got the scoop first(and BTW, I did send you a message via FB.)Now, as far as the WPC name goes, Many “git it”, many don’t…diff strokes? Anyway, Piece & Laugh y’all…and for the consistency buffs, what’s in a name? As long as the food is good and consistent, who cares? For my pick, it’s not a restaurant, but what about “Accenture” or any of those made up names? Although as a partner there once said: “the new name sounded much better after the Andersen Enron Fiasco”.


    PS- to FtWguy, we have whirled peas on the menu