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Making Dallas Even Better

World Piece Cafe is History. Rene Peeters Opens Bistro Watel’s in Dallas

I just got a GTalk telling me Christopher Wynn got a message on Facebook and posted a story with a link to breaking news over at PegNews. Apparently Rene Peeters, owner of World Piece Cafe on Greenville Ave., likes Teresa Gubbins the best. She has the scoop of the day. Peeters is taking over the […]

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Chef Matt McCallister’s Play at The Second Floor in Dallas

The ubiquitous Steven “Dallas Dude” Doyle is tagging along with chef Matt McCallister as he begins his romp across the kitchens of America. Take it away, Dude. When former Stephan Pyles executive chef Matt McCallister resigned this past  December he vowed he would be take a sabbatical and stage at various restaurants around the country. […]

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Top Chef All-Stars Episode Six—What a Little Bloodline Can Do

Our internal Top Chef All-Stars expert, Loren Means, sent along her latest recap last Thursday (my apologies for the lag in posting). Take it away, Loren: Compared to the insanity on last week’s show, episode six seemed like a day at the beach, which is to say that the remaining 12 All-Star chefs escaped the […]

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