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Somebody Help This Poor Girl Out: Where to Eat at The Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo

A new transplant to Dallas writes with a question:

My husband and I are new to town and would love to check out the Fort Worth Stock Show/Rodeo this weekend. However, we’re not really keen on having to eat generic stadium food or vendor hot dogs. Does anyone have any suggestions or dining secrets that would be in keeping with the rodeo spirit but wouldn’t require us driving all over Fort Worth?

24 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Girl Out: Where to Eat at The Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo

  1. Reata has a temporary restaurant set up at the Stock show. Great food! Also, H3 Ranch in the Stockyards is very good. I don’t really recommend Lonesome Dove…it was pretty disappointing when we went a few months ago.

  2. Reata has two restaurants on-site —

    Reata (in the exhibit hall) and La Espuela.

    Also good Coburn’s BBQ in the Round-Up Inn–

  3. See two sides of Ft Worth, eat at the Modern Art Museum. Brunch, lunch or dinner. Beautiful building and food is much better than you expect.

  4. Montgomery Street Cafe…breakfast and lunch only. Right across from Will Rogers. Cowboys with spurs on and other rustic touches. Breakfast is great.

    Railhead BBQ also on Montgomery

    Freds on Currie Street, just south of 7th.

  5. If you’re not keen on generic, stay away from Joe T’s and Railhead like the plague

    Love Shack on 7th. For BBQ, Angelo’s on White Settlement or Cousins south of 20 on Bryant Irvin. Tex-Mex, the Mexican Inn, Camp Bowie and Horne. For a little of everything, The Neighborhood Grill, 8th Avenue and Park Place.

    If you’re looking for a drink and a nice game of darts, hit up Ye Olde Bull & Bush on Montgomery just north of 30.

  6. If you don’t go to Angelo’s when you are in Fort Worth, you haven’t been to Fort Worth.

  7. Ellerbe’s Fine Foods is worth the drive! Grace is excellent too, in downtown. Angelo’s is awesome. I’m from Ft. Worth and have never liked Joe Ts. Totally over rated IMO. I prefer El Rancho Grande which is in the Northside. Have fun – Cowtown is the best town!

  8. Wesst 7th has everything, Tillman’s, Bailey’s, Brownstone. Fred’s is right arund the corner….Super close to the arena as well!

  9. Please dont listen to the people recommending Lonesome Dove. Tim Love is a good marketer, but a very mediocre chef. Fred’s, Ellerbe, Nona Totta, Lambert’s, Angelo’s all would be great, just depends what you are hungry for.

  10. Lanny’s is close to the stockyards and a must in fw. Small, intimate place with great food and drinks. Lonesome dove can be hit or miss, depending on who is in the kitchen. That said, I have had a top 5 all time meal there before. Forget w. 7th, very overrated.

  11. The Tavern is a new place on Hulen just south of 30. The food is great. The owner is a former executive chef for Hillstone Corporate (think Houstons).

  12. Welcome, Dallas has the best food in TX. Good way to taste more of it is to use to get dining certificates (be careful on alcohol fine print). Also, SaveMore just launched DFW and will do good deals for high-end dining.