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Malai in West Village Hires Jason Kosmas to Design Cocktail Program

Sweet Kellyn Curtis over at The Feast is reporting Malai,  the Thai-Vietnamese restaurant set to open in the old Tom Tom space at West Village on January 31, has procured the services of Mr. Mixologist Jason (Bolsa) Kosmas to create some fancy cocktails. The Thai and Vietnamese menu was created by Chef Keith Cedotal, formerly of Park Restaurant who consulted for owners Yasmin Wages, formerly of Park, and her husband Brandon, formerly of R&D Kitchen.  At this time Cedotal is currently at Park. (Why do I feel like I’ve typed “formerly of Park Restaurant” a lot lately?) Lots of changes going on out there.

10 comments on “Malai in West Village Hires Jason Kosmas to Design Cocktail Program

  1. Re-Pete & No Monkey,

    If you want to see Jason Kosmas and Eddie “Lucky” Campbell do some hand crafted, artisan (but not overpriced)cocktails check out their Wed night deal at Bolsa. $5 cocktails all night and you pick the ingredients. Check Bolsa facebook for the deal.

  2. Bolsa is without a doubt one of the best places in town for cocktails. Not only are Jason and Lucky knowledgeable, they are entertaining as hell.

  3. NN – it’s Braden Wages, not Brandon. (: Also, I think the Wages actually created the menu and Cedotal will be executing it.