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Tiffany Derry Gets A New Gig in Dallas: Private Social to Open This Summer

Just heard from Andy Austin who has formed a partnership with Patrick Halbert and one of Dallas’ favorite top chefs Tiffany Derry. The threesome plan to open a new restaurant, Private Social, in the summer of 2011. Tiffany will head up the kitchen which will be located in the new development at 3232 McKinney Ave […]

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The Green Room in Dallas is Closed

I was just chatting with Steven “Dallas Dude” Doyle about some stuff and he mentioned that the Green Room is closed and nobody noticed. How sad. A quick Google search shows Yelp! has marked them closed. (Update: sorry, that’s an old listing.) I called the restaurant and the voice mail says the restaurant is closed […]

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The Prize For Baking A Laugh-Worthy Cake: Not-So-Funny Money

On Jan. 23 at 7 pm, Fort Worth Chef Catherine Ruehle of Sublime Bakery, will battle it out for laughs on Food Network Cake Challenge. The goal: to create a cake that will win the baker actual laughs at Comedy Works comedy club. Yes, you heard me, four cake designers have to face both stage […]

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Newflower Farmers Market on Henderson is Now Sunflower Farmers Market

IMHO, Newflower Farmers Market is one of the best-kept secrets in East Dallas. Just last week I walked out of there with two full bags of fresh veggies for under $5 resulting in a ridiculously good eggplant Parmesan and a fresh fruit salad that lasted all week. But I digress; the real news here is […]

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Cattleack Barbeque Visits the D Empire

This report just in from D CEO managing editor, Christine Perez: Alas, I had back-to-back appointments yesterday and missed the lunch that Todd David of Cattleack Barbeque brought in s a special treat for D Empire employees. I edited Peter Simek’s profile of David’s new catering business for the current issue of D CEO and […]

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