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Thanks To Chad Martin You, Too, Can Make Oysters Rockefeller in the Comfort of the Family Manse

Recipes from Chef Chad Martin (of the oh-so special occasion-y dining room at Hotel St. Germain) are popping up all over—specifically, in two recently released Relais & Châteaux cookbooks, Chefs at Home and 85 Inspirational Chefs. In the former, Chef Martin divulges his personal recipe for Oysters Rockefeller, the one he whips out when guests are stopping by. In the latter, Martin walks you through an entire menu of chilled seafood, roasted lamb chops with eggplant-chipotle bread pudding, bacon-wrapped French beans, Creole mustard glace de viande, and Doberge cake. Throughout, look for unusual pairings of ingredients or twists on traditional comfort foods, such as elk and chocolate chili, mac and cheese with seared foie gras, truffled popcorn, and warm Granny Smith apple tart with cheddar cheese ice cream.

Cheesy ice cream…mmmmmmm.

85 Inspirational Chefs is a first-time collaboration among all of Relais & Châteaux North American chefs. Hotel St. Germain joined the Relais & Châteaux family of hotels in 2010.

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  • ldascha

    We enjoyed our New Year’s Eve celebration at Hotel St. Germain, dinner, dancing, and an overnight suite. Everything was unforgettable; no other New Year’s Eve like it in Dallas. Chef’s selections for the dinner menu were perfectly presented.
    We also previewed the above mentioned cookbooks in our suite. Quite outstanding lineup of chef’s recipes. Hotel St. Germain has them available for sale too.

  • JonnyDallas

    Uhmmm…I’d like to check out the recipe, I happen to have a thing for Oysters Rockefeller, but there’s no copy of the recipe or a link to the recipe. Or a link to where I could buy the book, even though I am not going to be buying the book, it might be a thing to include.

    Just sayin’ is all.

  • irodguy
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