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Brackets in The Palomar—Should A Restaurant Marry A Sports Bar?

Scallops, shrimp, and darn good grits. photography by Sarah Reiss.

Brackets stands as a testament to the vast gulf between aspiration and execution. The aspiration is to blend clubhouse and culinary experiences into a new seamless hybrid. The execution of this hybrid feels…

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One comment on “Brackets in The Palomar—Should A Restaurant Marry A Sports Bar?

  1. I went to Brackets on Saturday Night, a like it a lot. Although I did not try the higher priced entrees, I felt the food was quite good (especially for a new restaurant). We split the Brackets Burger (topped w/avacado, roasted red pepper, pancetta and an onion ring), and the special chicken, artichoke and sopresatta pizza. The burger was wonderful and the pizza, while not quite up to Il Cane Rosso/Campagnia standards, was quite good. Also, we shared a bucket of 5 Pilsner Urquell’s which, at $15/bucket, were a steal. I would definitely reccomend this place.