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EClaire Cafe Opens in Historic Katy Building

Chef and caterer Emily Ford Susman has brought her family cookbook downtown with the launch of EClaire Texas Cafe in the historic Katy building on Commerce St. The menu is pure Texas, combining the flavors and aromas that define Lone Star cooking. Think slow cooked meats in breakfast and lunch tacos, griddle sandwiches, and atop salads. The eye-catching Cowboy Coneys—hot dogs piled high with mustard, onion, cheese, thin chili and a dash of cayenne and hot sauce—are a must-try.

23 comments on “EClaire Cafe Opens in Historic Katy Building

  1. The food is amazing!
    The coneys will change you!
    I recommend this place to any and everyone in the Dallas area :)

  2. hmmm, so much enthusiasm so early in the morning…cant help but think these are phony!

  3. It’s called shilling. This one seems obvious though. 2 posts with the same smiley face? How do you even do those? Hmmm….

    If true, the marketers at eclaires are compromising the integrity of the forum. No bueno.

  4. Decent food; coneys are highly over-rated; as one of the shillers mentioned I also like the artwork.

  5. Had two coneys today. I hate their “thin chili” whatever that’s supposed to be. Was expecting a recognizable chili, this wasn’t it. Had zero heat. Apparently it’s up to you to add the heat with the dash of cayenne and hot sauce.
    A pet peeve of mine is tea in three sizes. I did order the middle one and asked if there were free refills; the answer is yes. then why sell three sizes?
    Menu not varied enough. How about some great bowls of soup? Something no one else is doing in that part of the town? What’s the reason for going out of your way to try the place?

  6. Brisket tacos were terrific and the tomatillo sauce was the perfect touch. Chili was very oily and not tasty. Service was good but server made a lousy excuse for not being able to make change for the parking meter. We asked if we could add a $1 tip to our bill to get some change for the meter. She blamed it on the credit card company which didn’t make sense at all. Oh well – we will know to bring change next time.

  7. I also assumed by Sara’s comment — “The eye-catching Cowboy Coneys—hot dogs piled high with mustard, onion, cheese, thin chili and a dash of cayenne and hot sauce—are a must-try” — that she had actually eaten there in order to recommend the Coneys. There’s nothing piled high — a small bun with the cheese and “chili” and onions so flat you could run your knife across the top and not knock the toppings off. I tried the place assuming some truth in Sara’s comments, not expecting it to be merely this place’s own p.r. story.

  8. Compared to the retreaded restaurant type places that are all over downtown, EClaire Texas Cafe, to me, is a breathe of fresh air. I’m certainly not easy to please and neither are my co-workers but we can all find something to agree on at this place and thats what I like about it. I’m sure opinions vary but to me, not having a silly sandwich chain like Quiznos, or some other national franchise, instead having some truly homegrown, hard-working Dallasites is worth more than trying to find out if the comments are true or not. Do yourself a favor and try it yourself. If you don’t like the coneys, try the tacos. Both the Chef and her brother (the artist who’s pictures are displayed) are Dallas folks, we should support them, especially since what they’re doing is so different than Scrubway or WacDonalds. (Hell, I’ve even seen some guy playing the guitar, singing songs out front of the place on a freezing Tuesday morning. If he can’t complain, neither should we.)

  9. Yummy!!! Love this place and what a welcome change from Deli’s and fast foods. I think the pork taco’s were my favorite food and the Tomato Soup is SO perfect for a winter day!! The service was really superior as well and we didn’t have to wait for our food. Soup was hot and Taco’s were hot and tasty!!
    I will definitely be going here frequently!!!Oh – almost forgot to mention the CAKE BALLS!!! They alone will keep me going back for more!!!

  10. Wow, truly amazing! From the butter nut squash soup to the cake balls… everything I try I love. A personal favorite are the coneys, something you can’t find anywhere else around here! The tacos are to die for and the soup specials are wonderful! Broccoli Cheddar is another one of my favorite soups. Not only is the food impeccable, but the cafes decor and service are awesome! I will be back for sure!!

  11. If you’ve had Coney I-Lander from Oklahoma or in Houston, Cincinnati, Detroit, or one of the many other places that serve coneys with Greek-style chili, this place is definitely worth going out of your way, the coneys are spot on. The griddled sandwiches are also pretty tasty – they actually griddle the meat and melt the cheese. mmmm…

    I obviously can’t speak for everyone, but I love this place. It is convenient, it has a great atmosphere, it has free wifi, it is the only place in North Texas you can find Coney I-Lander style coneys, the slow cooked meats are delicious, the sandwiches are top of the line Boar’s Head brand, the salads are fresh, the sweets are amazing. I eat there nearly twice a week, so I’ve tried almost everything and the only thing I didn’t care for were the fish tacos they originally had, which have since been taken off the menu.

  12. wow. some haters in here. trolls, too. and what’s a shiller?

    try expanding your tastebuds a bit or go back to sonic if you don’t like these coneys. they’re yum.

  13. Just my 2 cents, but @Beda why did you eat two of something that you “hate”? Obviously you have massive personal problems if you can attack anyone this way and then come back 4 days later with more libel-esque remarks and accusations and also draw the author and dmagazine into the fight. It must be easy for you to feel better than everyone else behind the anonymity of your computer screen.

  14. I ate two because I ordered two for lunch. They weren’t inedible, they just weren’t very good.

    My real first name is Beda so I’m not hiding behind a pseudonym as you and practically eveyone else who has blogged on this post are. And I’m not “bitta”; I just gave my reaction to an anticipated but ultimately unsatisfactory meal and won’t give the place a second chance.

    I responded with a follow-up four days later because I was bothered that I went there to try what sounded like great Coneys that I thought Sara had tried but after receiving my order realized she hadn’t, and that I had been taken in by the EClaire’s p.r. person.

    I made no libelous or slanderous remarks. They were my opinion of a very very disappointing meal at a place that I had high hopes for.

    It is so obvious that the owners of this place has rallied their employees and friends to blog in order to counteract the negative reviews. Seven positive reviews in a two-hour period?? And personal attacks on me just because I voiced my opinion? I agree with @Glen Campbell.

    All I can say is, go and try the place and form your own opinion. But don’t expect coneys that “are piled high” unless they take note of my critique and improve on that horrible thin chili and actually do pile on the ingredients. (The cheese on the coneys is crap too.)

  15. You are hiding unless you reveal your true identity. I took up with you because you chose to spout your venom with no intentions other than to be rude and mean. If you had a problem with the food, talk to the manager. Obviously you are too much of a coward to do so, so you take to the internet where nobody can find you. I can’t believe you actually checked back once again today… You must have a personal problem with the proprietor, or you’re just a bitter, sad crone. Provide your first and last name and contact information if you’re not hiding. Also, seeing as you tend to bend the truth, your “critique” should be taken with a grain of salt by the proprietors. I love their coneys. Nobody comes down to Harry Hines to tell you that you’re doing it wrong…

  16. I know where to find you – at EClaire Cafe. The owner really needs to see what you’re posting here and tell you to stop because you’re not doing them any favors.

  17. Look Beda, I just recently found a place to go between classes with wifi, and I really do like the food and atmosphere. I’m just happy to have a non-chain option, something owned by a Dallasite. I choose to support this business because I don’t want another Quiznos going back in the spot and because I genuinely like the food. You can call me an employee all you want, but that would be like calling you a good person. Its just not true.

    Again, I’ve taken up with you because you’re obviously expending a lot of effort trying to ruin something I like and you’re obviously doing it for no good reason. Come find me if you want to, last semester I went up there to study Thursdays after my 9am class, should be the same this spring. I’ll recognize you by your perma-scowl and I’ll buy you a coney.

  18. Here’s a novel idea: How about we all get on board and support a locally owned business! Unless you prefer Quizno’s! I have only eaten there twice, but I loved the little hot dogs. Although I needed two of them to get full! The soup was good and the cake balls were too. Ya’ll must really be gourmet cooks…or else I don’t have taste buds….because I liked everything both times I went.

  19. Food was fantastic, I don’t know why @Beda is a geriatric psychopath but grow up and stop spamming this wall. If you do not like the food then don’t eat there. The reason you probably did not enjoy the food is because you are not used to real food. The dog meat at jack’n the box should suffice I am positive they can microwave your sour dough jack to sufficient temperature :).