Food Feedback Friday

Hi Dishers! Sorry I forgot to run Food Feedback Friday last week. You were probably busy celebrating with friends and family. Undoubtedly Sharon Hage is your  sister-in-law’s best friend and Hage just happened by to whip up a miracle in your kitchen. Or maybe you were lucky enough to snag a reso at Dennifer 2’s new joint, Lucia. OH NO. You were sick the whole time too? Boo. I lived off matzo ball soup from Gio’s New York Deli. E tu?  No matter. I’d love to hear all about the delectable and not-so-scrumptious food you have digested lately. (More on Gio’s later.)

3 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. I ate for the first time at Hector’S on Henderson, had the chicken fried chicken. $25 is just too much for fried chicken and mashed potatoes! Breadwinners has a similar dish for $16 and I love love their gravy.
    Lunch at Stephan Pyles on Thursday. Delicious, beautiful setting and service, best lunch deal in town.

  2. I also noticed you failed to predictably slam Leslie Brenner’s “Best of 2010″ column. Bravo for focusing on your own work.

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