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Christmas Comes Early to Jay Jerrier and Cane Rosso

This morning, at the construction site of his new Cane Rosso pizzeria in Deep Ellum, Jay Jerrier took delivery of an oven that’s going to change the way Dallas thinks of pizza. There are only a couple dozen true Neapolitan ovens in the United States. This is the first one in Dallas. Jerrier has been waiting for the thing for months, following its construction in Italy and its long voyage across the sea. When he got it this morning, he had to fight the urge to rip off the shrink wrap. His general contractor told him to leave it on so the shiny red oven wouldn’t get dirty from all the dust kicked up by the workers who are finishing out the space. An authentic Neapolitan oven, so you know, has a much shallower dome than other pizza ovens, giving it better heat-conducting properties. This morning Jerrier also got a special dough-mixing machine that he says will make a big difference in his crusts. He’s shooting to have the place open February 1.

16 comments on “Christmas Comes Early to Jay Jerrier and Cane Rosso

  1. Not the first certified authentic neapolitan pizza place in dallas. Cavallis is. Plus the best authentic certified neapolitan pizza restaurant in texas is dough in san antonio which is coming to preston hollow early next year.

  2. @ Jay-Cavalli isn’t in Dallas. It’s in Irving (and now McKinney).

    @ Steven-I think Jay did consulting for Brackets, which included training the staff on how to make pizza the proper way.

  3. FYI- That post above by “jay gerrier” is SPAM!
    Don’t click on the name. It is not our, Jay Jerrier.

  4. Yeah – that’s definitely not me. I’m not that big a tool :). No one claimed Cane Rosso was the first VPN spot in DFW…in fact Cane Rosso is NOT VPN certified and our mobile oven can’t be certified by VPN because they don’t approve mobile ovens. They have tightened the requirements for certification – now requiring an actual Neapolitan oven design (small opening, low dome, specific interior shape) and they actually forbid the use of American standard planetary mixers like Hobarts. You need a fork, spiral or diving arm mixer (they look like deranged robots and are ridiculously expensive). I don’t know what others have – but I KNOW that our new spot has the right oven and right mixer for certification and we will likely pursue it once we open.

    I guess I don’t understand why some posters like to take anonymous shots…I don’t think “best pizza” has to be an absolute. I love both Cavalli and Dough. I’m just happy people like our pizza and wish nothing but success to those who actually give a crap about making good pizza.

    And on Brackets…Cane Rosso did the pizza menu, set up the supply chain with our specific ingredients and trained the staff. We’re helping them out through the end of the year and will do follow up refreshers throughout 2011. The pizzas have been really good – but you should also try the sandwiches out of their wood oven. Jimmy’s Sausage & Peppers is fantastic.