14 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. Went to Kenny’s Wood-fire Grill last night. That place has more signs of bad plastic surgery than the Real Housewives of Orange County. After an awesome Grey Goose Martini, I was tempted to go touch some of those faces… real or wax? Popovers were stale (but I still snarfed it out of extreme hunger… took over an hour to get a table). Smoked salmon rivals Houston’s as the best in the city. Ahi nachos were good, ditto the tenderloin crostini. By then, the martini and a glass of wine had inhibited my perceptions, I’m sure. Because the tenderloin wedge salad was tough/chewy and bleh. Same with mac-n-cheese (too much truffle oil). But I’ll be back. Gotta stay up to date on the latest Juvaderm.

  2. Went to Houlihan’s at Firewheel and tried the small plates while doing some Christmas shopping – completely blew away my expectations, they were GREAT!

  3. Nosh— so good but so loud!!!!

    We shared alot of items on the small plates list and everything was well recieved by our group.

    Only bad thing, fries were not HOT at all.

  4. Just got back from Mexico City…love the pozolerias…there are a number of small, inexpensive restaurants that serve nothing but…and I wondered if that would work up here? Lots of different varieties to choose from in terms of broths and meats…goes great with a cold beer or an agua fresca…maybe it’s too hot here during the summer…BTW, the best I found there was La Casa de Toño in the Santa María de la Ribera neighborhood…

  5. Wednesday we went to Casa Navarro on Marsh and Forest. After all, I needed another go-to, non-chain Tex-Mex place since Bongo’s departed the hood.

    Yes, it’s in a strip mall. But it was actually pretty good. They have pretty inexpensive margaritas, but I didn’t try those that night. Stuck with the cheese enchiladas, which were pretty damn near perfect. The chips and salsa were good, and you also get a small bowl of the bean soup, which was really, really good. I could’ve just eaten a giant bowl of it, actually.

    My one complaint was the pico de gallo – it was mushy, and looked more like salsa. But other than that, pretty friggin’ good. Next time I might even leave room for dessert – I hear the flan is really good.

  6. Parigi last Saturday night. Excellent as always. Lovely service. I loved the seafood stuffed flounder but the best was the artichoke hash that accompanied it. Good stuff. SO many people I’ve talked to either don’t know about Parigi or just forget about it as an option. To you I say, go! Great lunch menu (deconstructed california roll!!) and a warm, cozy dinner spot. Wonderful owner and chef.

  7. The Place at Perry’s. Hands down the best filet in Dallas. And their mac n cheese is my second favorite behind Toulouse.

    Have to agree with DGirl about Parigi though. Such a hidden gem.

  8. We went to Salum last Saturday night, and all I can say is excellent, excellent, excellent. I wanted a cozy and romantic winter night with my husband, and Salum delivered in every possible way.

  9. (tg, I count 6:3 F:M ratio here)

    Lucia was very good and very happening. Good treatment of vegetables I thought, very good salumi.

  10. Had a tremendous food week: started off at a seven course, seated dinner for 12 in a private home – food by Andrew Ormsby – Fanflippintastic!!! Everything was outstanding!

    Then, two Christmas parties that George catered- excellent!

    One evening of Kuby’s beef stroganoff and noodles – awesome comfort food!

    Then, dinner at Salum, where Abraham knocked it out of the park, again! (When doesn’t he?)

    Tonight it’s Pad Thai and fuzzy slippers – staying in and recharging. oh yeah, and letting my dresses out a few inches. i think I gained five pounds this week! ;)

  11. I had a wonderful experience at a penthouse in One Arts Plaza, home to dear friends of ours. In 2001, DMN awarded Executive Chef Michael Napier the Rising Star Award and gave him a 1989 Ruffino Classico Reserva Jeraboam with his name engraved on the bottle. We planned a fantastic dinner party around the occasion to finally open this bottle. It was nine courses and fanfreakingtastic!!! However, I’ll be reducing the wine tonight to a dessert sauce as I didn’t make it thru the years. Shame. Great times with friends, wine and the best food!

    Had the best BLT (added avocado) I’ve ever eaten at the Meddlesome Moth the next day to fight my hangover…

    Thai Noodle House was lunch today. Such a quirky place with delicious food!

  12. We had a wonderful dinner at The Mercury. I loved the Tagliolini Gratinati al Prosciutto and the warm goat cheese and beet salad was perfect. The waiter needed to dial down the affectations though, made me wince it was so bad.

  13. Dinner at the bar @ Eno’s. Can’t get enough of that linguine & meatball, and the service at the bar is great.