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Making Dallas Even Better

Pyramid’s Chef André Natera To Be Inducted Into World Master Chef Society on Dec. 20

On Monday, Dec. 20, Chef André Natera of Pyramid Restaurant will be inducted int the World Master Chefs Society, an international organization with a mission of creating a “new grade of professional chef who is distinguished for possessing extensive diversity in their skills and knowledge.” An area must have five World Master Chef members—qualified head […]

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Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Fried Chicken in Dallas

Remember Henderson’s Fried Chicken down on Hall (I think)? Not the one that operated on Gaston and not the small chain that is operating around town. It was a hole-in-the-wall that sold spicy fried chicken to go and they covered the chicken and french fries with jalapenos and white bread. Well, a loyal Disher with […]

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DUO Opens in Grand Style

You have to know when two of Dallas’ smart, successful and impecably stylish women come together to create an “all things culinary” concept that it is going to be good, especially when the names Fearing and Rathbun are behind it. Last night Tracy Rathbun and Lynea Fearing welcomed a chic gathering of Dallasites to their new […]

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