80 comments on “Dead Dallas Restaurants: Which One Do You Miss the Most?

  1. Top of my list; would love to go back one more time…..Enclave (supper club on Walnut Hill), Gershwin’s, Ciudad, and Lola.
    See if you can convince the owner/chef’s to bring em back please…

  2. @gastronome: I’m afraid you’ve just showed your age by naming your selections. About the same as me.

    I’m surprised another old fogy like me didn’t mention Southern Kitchen. The original one on NW Hwy. (West) across Harry Hines Blvd. Remember their sticky buns? And delicious oysters? All you could eat for $3.99 served with genteel Southern hospitality.

    They’re is very little mentioned above that I don’t miss.

    I do especially miss EZ’s. The closest Dallas had to a North/East diner.

  3. And Scagnetti, You must be in the “over 60″ club as well with your selections. Which, I also miss. And don’t talk to me about OZ. I practically lived there! Downstairs at the disco probably every night of the week! And, the restaurant upstairs. Good old chef, Lafont and his incredible Lobster a la Nage. The greatest!

    Back then, no one else in town baked like Massimo’s.

  4. Cactus Jacks, 8.0 bar, Matts No Place, Gilberts Deli, Morosi’s Grinders in Lakewood, Sagnos Pizza, Gennies Bishop Grill, Original Chilis and Original On the Border. Uncle Tais. I don’t get it how such dining gems just flat out die in this city. I just don’t get it!

  5. I used to love Rolando’s on Denton Drive. Great caldo (pollo and res) and they made an amazing steamin gresy plate of enchiladas.

  6. I also loved Loma Luna!! Along with Strictly Tabu and Matt’s No Place. For some reason I still remember those smoked baked taters from the smoker.

  7. Wow, miss lots of those.

    Also La Cave, on Henderson and the one that was on McKinney in the West End. One of the coolest spots to eat in the City

    I really miss Crescent City Coffee Shop, when it started on Garland Road. Cafe au Lait.

    Someone mentioned Knox Street Pub. Great Beef Stew.

  8. Lombardi Mare (I still cry for this joint and it’s been more than 10 years)
    8.0 (good times!)

  9. @Twinwillow: I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m 19 years old (and have some swamp land in Florida I’d love to sell you). If we’re revealing things about ourselves, I’d like to know what showing up at Oz every night of the week says about you (either daddy’s money or one heck of a sugardaddy – I loved the place too, but it could drill a hole in your pocket big enough to drive a truck through). What about Underwood’s? TW, you know what they sold, does anyone else? How about Brother’s?

  10. Gastronome, don’t be nasty. I meant no offense. OZ existed from the early 70′s to about 1980. I was in my thirties with plenty of money to spend and having a great time back then picking up ladies at the bar. No $$$ necessary. Just quality drugs!
    Underwood’s: Chicken, wasn’t it?

  11. Underwood’s= bbq?
    Brother’s= pizza or chicken

    I remember going to Fishbowl on Knox quite a bit some years back.

    Here’s a few for the old timers… Port’s O Call was the most exotic restaurant a 5 year old could imagine.

    Other ancient restaurants: Dominique on Inwood and Town & Country downtown. The latter had steaks and Chinese. Brennan’s from New Orleans had a Dallas and Houston outpost in the early 70′s.

    Anyone recall Zuider Zees or Little Bit of Sweden?

  12. Vehon’s where my parents brought me to eat oysters (and I did and I still love them). Really, what 6 year old eats oysters?

  13. TW: Woops – my sincere apology – didn’t mean to come off as nasty, I just always assumed you were a member of the fairer sex (I guess if I read this blog a bit more often I’d have known better). Yes Underwood’s Fried Chicken.

  14. @Gastronome. Apology accepted! Yes, I am a full blooded, lady loving male. Today is my 71st birthday so, I do remember all the restaurants in Dallas since my arrival from NYC in 1963. Including, Zuider Zee.
    Anyone else here old enough to remember when Kip’s Big Boy was at the corner of Lemmon and Inwood? Directly across the street from where Sigel’s was until a few months ago.
    A few people have mentioned Strictly Tabu. I remember it well. It was the best place in town to be on a Sunday night for pizza and live jazz. And, I remember Vehon’s. too. It was located where Baker’s Ribs is now on Greenville Avenue.

  15. Does anyone remember the great Chinese restaurant on Lomo Alto on the corner across the street from where Wholefoods is?
    They had exceptional Peking Duck, too. The two brothers that owned it were originally from Lubbock and their last name was, Lee.

  16. Original Green Room with Chris Pyun and Marc Cassell, Royal Tokyo for whole live lobster sashimi, Il Sorrento and their homemade pasta and gnocchi and the Palm reader, Jeroboam with Garreth Dickey and the skatewing, 2900 with Mike Smith, Yellow with Avner, Natura with the Cobbs and the asparagus spears, Sam’s Cafe and the 80′s and wasted youth, 62 Main with David McMillan, and of course York Street with Sharon. And Jack Chaplin.

  17. Twinwillow, our parents took us to that Kip’s all the time for burgers and hot fudge sundaes…then across the street to the Cotton Bowl afterwards. Speaking of Lemmon, RIP Prince of Hamburger AND Cactus Jacks! Also nearby on Lovers, I miss the Pizza Pantry, which later became Reggio’s. Just burger joints and holes in the wall, but still… Also terribly missed from the 70′s in Old Town, Mariano’s and TGI Friday’s, when Friday’s menu was on small chalkboards and they only hired young handsome men as waitstaff. I miss Snuffer’s too, back when they were only on Greenville and didn’t yet own the “patio side”. Back then they served premium call drinks…with Coke, not Pepsi!

  18. So many great memories … most of those mentioned, plus Nero’s, Anzu, Queen of Sheba when it was on McKinney at Lemmon down from the Smoking Loon, Lawry’s Prime Rib where Nick & Sam’s is now (sentimental choice, my granny’s favorite place, no offense to N&S)and many more. Don’t forget to go to the restaurants you love … they’ll be gone if you don’t!

  19. Tutto on Mckinney Ave.- short lived but wonderful Italian.

    EZs for sure.


    And despite all the drama, we loved Draelion. I miss that kobe beef and sea bass….